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George Costanza is racing a bunch of eighty five year olds on scooters right on I'm a little hop around scooters and that's kind of what you saw the PNL central last year but I think that this division Natalie Fisher is really going to bludgeon each other all season long it's gonna be fun to watch mentioning that in all central I know a lot of people are pretty in favor of what the Reds have been able to do this offseason since March signings open that some young guys take the next step will be registered so that he got into this year you know Cody I don't have the guts to pick the Reds as central winners I really don't and I love what they did this offseason I really do you bring in the stock if you bring in the Kathy on us and those are two guys that can help an offense that was horrible last year really really bad one of a a bottom bottom five in Major League Baseball around that you have those two guys you have your swore as who is secretly one of the one of the best players in baseball when he's on can you hope to Joey Votto can have a better season than he had last year he showed you should shrink last year but he wasn't really himself so that's going to be enough instead but I could probably make noise especially in that ballpark and if you can get the pitching that you had last year from them who were verification was really good last year all year and they just needed to score a few more runs but just a few more and they would have been in the running for for a wild card so I really like with the Reds did I'm not sure I have like I said I'm not sure I have the guts to pick them in the central I do like that they made all of these all of these upgrades they signed all these guys to try to compete in that division when the other teams around them don't really seem interested in competing and making upgrade so I do like to read a lot I I they're gonna be in the hunt for the first central crown I just I'm not sure if I can pick up yeah Joe Rivera from Sporting News joining us you're talking all things MLB Joe how is Yasiel Puig still a free agent you twenty four home runs last year eighty four RBIs it to sixty seven you still nineteen bags I mean I was a guy's got a sim still available this late this spring no question I I think that some of it is probably attitude that's the one thing we always heard about jass yelp week right is that you know maybe is a little bit of a goofball doesn't take it as seriously as he should I think that plays into it a little bit maybe it's the asking price I don't know so I think that obviously there are a lot of teams that could use about like we examine all thirty teams in baseball probably could but I think some of it is probably maybe it's just not a fit not gap kind of thing for a lot of these contending teams they they've already made their upgrade so maybe C. team swoop in late I think the team opinions can really use them but unions are kind of an embarrassment right now and they won't spend any money to bring him back so you look around usually baseball you know the Dodgers have a loaded outfield you can't look at the activities of the rays are going to spend that money the Mets have a loaded outfield right now so you'll get all the teams that could be contenders that would be willing to spend the money form and and it's not really a big market so I think it is multiple reasons why but I think he's gonna get picked up sooner or later he's he's still got a pretty good track record in the header he's Joe Rivera you get him on Twitter at Joe Rivera **** and he covers major league baseball for Sporting News he's gonna join us every week at this time during the MLB season Joe we love always happen you want.

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