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Will make America great again again and this time it's taking a little bit longer than we had anticipated. But we still remain hopeful Newt Gingrich once again weighing in on the evidence, which we haven't been allowed to see. What I'm suggesting is you don't see the evidence because the local officials who are Democrats hide the evidence and then turned you and say, since you have no evidence So they say, Well, we like we let the poll watchers in the building. That's right. But they kept them far enough away. They couldn't see anything. And I think I can show you case after case it happened Magically it almost exactly the same moment on election night that a serious of key states Quick county Almost as though they were coordinating what they were doing. And then it happened A few hours later, about four in the morning that they had huge data dumps of Biden votes Now I don't know how How do you prove that without really having to get the FBI directly involved? And given the FBI for the last four years. Why would you trust them? The entire deep state has tried to destroy Trump for four years. We know it now is the fact we know that how hard they worked to undermine him on. I think if you're a typical Trump supporter You regard this as an effort by people on the left to do everything they can at every level, including the news media. The news media is 93% anti trump. Why would why would we take seriously? The news media anointing biting? No, He's 100% right on that, and And he pretty much you're brought up a great point. But regarding the FBI, where are the federal agencies that are in charge of monitoring interference in our elections, and they largely worry about foreign That's the cyber security infrastructure. I mean, the cyber and Infrastructure Security agency cease as it's known, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the D. O. J. They could tell us Bruce when the Russians tried to interfere. Or when the child comes. Try or when the Iranians or North Korea. They could tell us because they've got computer programs that they can use within the system and tracked back to these. These attempts. How come we can't do it? When it's domestic when its domestic election interference Why aren't they being utilized? Now? We have a name. I am I t PhD Doctor Shiva, his analysis of the Michigan explaining how algorithms were re tabulated. To switch Trump votes to Biden votes and listen. Here's another statistical anomaly. And that is that. In Georgia. Ballots were the voter on Lee voted for President. Listen to these numbers, Trump. 818 Biden. 96,000 defense that's likely now forcing on balance where on balance of voters voted for both at least the president and one other race Trump 2.4 million. Biden 2.4 million. Around it. So, yeah, but again there almost The same. But on Lee when it's a Biden vote, when you need to manufacture votes, you don't have time to do the whole balance. When it's a paper ballot. You only have time to hit the president on Lee, and that would explain 95,000. 2 800. Well, we played yesterday the audio of the woman with her voice disguised, who said that she was. I believe this was in Pennsylvania that she walked out of the Kob center. And she saw people and a bite van for individuals who were basically very quickly voting for you know Biden for President Harris v. P and That they simply move it along, and they got them. Enter into the system. Well again. This is sworn testimony. She has an affidavit. Kelly, I'm sorry. Not Kelly. But Kayleigh mcenany. Wassup talking yesterday, 234 pages of statements and affidavits And still you have some of the swamp media, saying there is no evidence off white spread chicanery at all. We'll see the sea of courts agree with that that Z just incredible. I your calls and comments coming up. 4 10 wcbm 6 81 800 Wcbm succeed a year on the morning drive with Casey and Elliot If you need your roofing windows are citing replaced Yumi, the top rated remodeling company in Maryland and getting it done for his blow with $79 per month. Peak. Custom remodeling has over 100 reviews on Google, with a four point a star.

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