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They only league Tom Brady will be available all these options in sometimes Ben Rothlisberger is streaky player. He can be inconsistent. And we all saw that last week in the first three quarters in his career. I don't have the actual statistics to to give you at this point. But Dan, raw this burger rarely has backed back duds in even though he had the game winning comeback. Come for behind drive and got them to twenty points in that necessary to win I would still consider the game dud for. But for Ben Rothlisberger. He. He just didn't play. Well, it was ugly. I don't think he's gonna play. Well, back to that. We add these play poorly. I should say back to back weeks. I say that Ben Rothlisberger is a very solid start for you and fantasy football because what they keep in mind as well as these rushing touchdowns that he's getting any. It's it's kinda crazy. But he I think he has maybe three on the year already. That's a number that I didn't think he would reach he'd never reached that with Todd Haley. So he's just getting in the end zone. He's getting the ball in the end zone and a multitude of ways I would say start number seven this week. If you haven't as an option and out vandal, he's gonna save you some money because he's not a considered the like Patrick Mahomes type player in terms like nine thousand dollars. So there you go Brian. You know, what's funny? You know? What's funny? Jeff, though, I one I mean, I I'm bragging I'm not bragging this time around, but I won with Ben Roethlisberger last week. He actually put up twenty three some points. And it was because of those touchdown passes the long stone passes and the run like you said he actually I was trying to decide between he and Andrew luck. And at the last minute, I went to Ben basically because you said storing them last week. So I took your advice to Tom much respect your advice. But so I went ahead, and I started them, and I was Cussing you by the third quarter because I'm like I'm gonna lose my fan dole because chat, and then fed went off. Yeah. So then I was then I was wondering on my Jeff Hartmann picture running around going as genius. So. Well, I started listening. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. It listen to me. Just don't listen to you. When I talk about starting Eric Hebron. He gets zero zero points. When a punch if I I was with my punishment of face. I'd turn and run..

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