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Penney I have not I have not gotten that that good we're at dinner with them yeah that's fun it was nice he gave me advice on how to be a father and balanced career because he kind of you walked away from a lot of stuff and so he could focus more on being a father he rick Moranis Beta Yeah Rick Rick Moranis is a fascinating character to maybe I think there was a tragedy and then he was like I'm out and I'm just going to raise my kids yeah find that very moving kind of did that in a Beta way yeah we're smaller yeah he just kind of kept doing standup you didn't do as many movies or anything like I was asked I was asking him advice on how to do that and my wife was also with us and he was talking like hey this is the performers brain this is how this is what you have to what you have to realize are are are you going through any of that right now because how old your kid we don't know you don one birth one year birthday was on the twenty third and her party tomorrow let me that look at that another thing I didn't ask you to do I wasn't on crashing this is my first time to a one year old hardy after the podcast then you're maybe in the in the mix like you want to be at a one year old's birthday party I've been at one before what do you mean you got nieces and nephews and then Yeah I was just talking to go is like very dark seinfeld joke he goes at your first birthday and and your hundredth birthday someone has to go these are your they are yeah and everyone just invited kids from the neighborhood I think he's just in the one year birthday parties are are an excuse for the parents too they drink a lot of things are the other parents and see and see adults because I my friends who have kids have told me that there's times and they just go I need to get out of the house need to going to see an adult I need to see someone who may not yeah throw up on me or shit themselves yeah for two hours next words and bet two oh is something about like hanging out with me when I'm drunk is like babe like why is he crying it hasn't left us room it's really funny yeah and so I'm trying to Dana so I could talk to him about that in terms what did he say about the performance rain though we'll just that like how your brain has to change in that when you have a child now your career and you are not the most important thing that's what's so healthy about it yes wonderful because right now or like before you have a kid it's it's always the career it's always the career like even in e relationship if we even though you're married even though you're yeah whatever like it's it's still it's still the career but then you have the kid in like I'm just finding out that my wife was pregnant and I described people that go in everything gets melted away everything away oh I told her DAX shepard love this way put up in check DAX Shepard said having a kid was the cure to all of his ex central crises yes because you don't you don't care you don't care and here's what else they don't tell you that I love I am not going to give you a whole Spiel I've been hanging yeah with my dad who is doing some heavy dad's planning he went on a tear about the Vietnam war started with him saying you can't talk about it you weren't there by the way my dad did not fight in Vietnam so he wasn't there in the middle of it he was I graduated we're now okay different time I almost went and I almost add to that makes you almost qualified to talk about but instead I just listened like seven minutes and I was like they they don't know what man explaining her dad's plane oh that's so funny he's got a great conversation catching up Pila I told them about Korea is I'm about McGovern or whatever the fuck was wasn't in there I didn't meet any of those people base that's what happened I don't want too much but my father just makes declarations ages God says Shit and my mother is in her own way just looking for love it's Kinda sweet she's not really in the way that you and I are having a conversation which I value kind of more than anything in a group setting my mother is just kind of testing to see if you're listening to her so she'll be quietly my dad's like swear trump has three and my mom well he's going his maybe we can get kimmy mainly and we're like what is just to love me you will you lean in and listen you're earns or essentially doing two different tactics for how to deal with hecklers that's hilarious where your dad tried to over shout them funny and then of it because what I do with hecklers is quiet grew small yeah don't dance no sword fight no because then the then the heckler gets louder that's right so then I get I get soft Dirk Brad you're such a good stand up to I want to point that out to specialists FAC in great thank you and but it's it's more than the material like year a great performer and you're really seasoned and I just WanNa give you some respect for that thank you I yeah I it's it's thank you and it's interesting that the performance aspect goes into like all parts of life when we say put a pin opinion how how I told my wife that we were pregnant I've made that into a performance yeah is she she did the thing on the stick and she's like I I don't WanNa look on the stick and I said I I will look on the stick yeah we'll tell you so I will stick I thought that something may I thought that we would probably have good news so we're trying yes you were remaining what I yet remaining wow wow that's so vague and yet I know exact- yes at me and you know what's funny audience is no too I go I didn't do anything I just remained and they didn't move guy has a pregnant wife for a comedian we all have a version of that joke yeah yeah yeah it's fine you get your turn with it all right let's put that anywhere wages drops a plate or a waiter or waitress clumsy okay Jesus back so you look at this yeah I and then I thought something may may so cute something up and I saw this Dick and I looked at I looked at my wife and I said Alexa play and then you just heard where large just her the news live is GonNa change up to speed up by cream I created album and she just looked talk about all these bands that we're supposed to hate that is why do we have to put that through our critical mind listen to it and enjoy it it's the same thing about Doritos I know they're horrible for me scientists at freed I know what I want let them give it to me once every once in a while I'll eat the whole bag it problem brown them so you put on fucking arms wide open eh because I know that's a song he wrote about having a kid so about Jeez I was talking about Jesus they're all kind of cheese the Preussen I loved creed anyone who's like everyone loved creed in the moment and then like three years later they're like oh I never liked create it's like Dave Matthews at some point I'm not sure I think he's having a Mathewson's I am I was in Denver Colorado and I'm about to namedrop the affirmation Joe Rogan was also in Denver Colorado so me and I went to his hotel and I had a lovely breakfast with him and interesting Tino and it was great and we went there Dave Matthews also in the same Hotel doing a show you knew because you've heard bent on route bad I really do two porches Honda on so I can remember doc quite the same rubber lose Myrick we're and he just loves see that's we're just enjoying doing that thing ants marching windows up volume up yeah that's it so yup and we never saw him but there were fans outside the hotel all day yeah it's like fish wow we're having fun oh yeah all I like you imagine if someone said Hey Pete what'd you do today and you said Oh I waited outside a hotel room to hopefully get a glimpse of another human and and it wasn't even him it was Tom Hanks Tom Hanks for Dave Matthews for a second I thought it was it was just it was just Tom Tom Hanks impression was it yeah you're like yeah yeah it's kind of is trying to do Pharrell the Wilson Yeah Will Ferrell and I and I went ahead and I I couldn't do it he's got like a way of speaking I'm good at impressions of people that people don't know yet like that like I can do at me get from from the comedy store didn't we talk about this I only do the book shows oh not for any reason but because the circles back to what we were saying is that when you have a kid yes you only would I am not going to tell you what you what you're GonNa do you might do differently I only started doing shows where it can be done early because you gotta get up earlier I like getting early so with the baby now what have I got up I like getting up early and watch val with the baby tend to it do it he could it suckle no so I only do the eight o'clock shows that's the first thing that you young people got ten forty five I'm like no can't do it because after I do stand up high for a few hours yes so I need to I want to go on around eight thirty and anyway and for me I'm forty I've been doing Santa for about twenty years I like to perform about three times a week and the book shows accommodate that so I don't need the the David Egon at Amiga it David Egon Yeah that Guy Booker comedy nor the north star Yes yes anyway so but goes back to what we were saying here's what I wanted to tell you so there's people tell you about how your life changed do like get up and all this first of all valid I have no memory of what life was like before but it's only been a year it doesn't yeah it's only been a year I'm not in a good way you're almost confused you're like what did we do that's what.

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