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Right of course i'm hearing something that's going on who who gets drafted like the kid or the parents that's a great question to ask oh the kids making it meanwhile you see the parents live i'm not saying that happens all the time but i see it happen the lot we'll be back in a moment with more of my conversation with jay will and the talk nerdy guys but i i want to tell you about spotify did you know you can stream this podcast on spotify right now it's easy open the app on your mobile device or desktop clicking the browse channel then click in the podcast section you can also stream on your smart speaker now it's that much easier for you to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest and all things sports thanks to spotify march means one thing basketball basketball basketball did you know the college players born in north dakota or historically the most accurate three point shooters the ncaa is using google cloud to turn data into insights and so can your business see how it g dot co slash march madness google cloud the official cloud of the ncaa talk nerdy to me hello and welcome to another edition of talk nerdy to me presented by google cloud i'm seth walder alongside paul sabin college basketball analytics specialist here at espn paul we're heading into the final four and there's just no way that you can have a conversation about this year's tournament without kicking off with a little bit of loyola chicago the ramblers are the darling of this year's tournament there in the final four we've seen eleven seats get to the final four before so how improbable really was this to see the ramblers where they are today wolf you're looking at just loyal the interesting thing is actually going into this tournament a few weeks ago i would've told you that a sixteen seed would beat a one seed but that wouldn't have even been the most unlikely to happen in its own region that'd be the truth because oil of making the final four going into the tournament only had a point three percent chance of happening whereas you in bc beating virginia was one and a half percent you can so it's five times more.

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