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Yeah, it's a tough. Look. Yes Sky appears to remember her holding out tonight. So yeah for her even though the whole Chucky thing off this meal know. Yeah, that was bad. I did all of this just is not Pleasant is there going to be a theme next week other than just two people go elimination. Yeah, we just have regular dances down to be nice. Oh, but they are found it each have to do too. Yeah, it seems ambitious. But okay, I was was glad AJ and Cheryl made it through. I was pretty sure they were going to get the sympathy vote tonight because she had a she hit her head. It was all over social media that she had never had so but I I mean, I just I I enjoy him so much even though his dancing really not so great. But I just enjoy his personality and and the packages and stuff with him. So I don't know how much longer it's going to be either Bobby Bones of this season, maybe I mean just in terms of not necessarily likelihood of winning, but just yeah personality. Yes boss. That is true Trump. I mean he does have a voting base. I guess how many rabid Backstreet Boys fans are still out there didn't do Nick Carter any good. But am Nick Carter went pretty far though. Didn't he? I guess he did. I guess he did. Bobby Williams fans are motivated though. Sure, man. Has he thrown his support behind anyone? Yes. Well, he was singing the show today that he that he had Monaco's his pic again. I think as you'd watch the cheer series and so assumed that she had some dance training and she said insistent today that she did not so it's kind of sad notion that very night. She has a large. But she's got a day job to go do she'll be fine. Right? So anything the judges costumes got along pretty quick. Yeah, and it's it's very distracting. Like I just want to hear what you have to say. Sometimes I want to hear what you have to say. Yeah, Yeah not have they have the hair and makeup situation. Did you fast-forward through all those jokey little Halloween bits that they did throughout pretty much. Yeah. Yeah God. Yeah, the the only one I thought really worked and was funny was Bruno trying to like do scary calls them all and everybody knew it was him..

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