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What recipe semester. Officially out of playoff contention Booing oh deep clean house. Should they keep on hoppy by his. Yes i think so. He proved his worth. That's it and simple him in indoor best friends and that infield would be really fun with those two together. Yeah and by his by. He's still pulled up numbers by the by as the person who's known for striking out at everything became the men who had nine walks in three games. He has changed his discipline on at the plate. He's he's but he's a different bias. He's a better bias. Keep them. I said if you if you have them here for a longest having for the beginning of the year you know let them let them get eaten. I even take the pay cut from him. Working we glendower their best friends bro. I think it'll take the pay cut. I swear to you. I really do. Keep them get rid of mcneil. Kicking off smackdown champion. Becky lynch explained it to bianca belair while she did in summer slam. I like the heat. That was coming off of here. Becky is becoming a yeah and it's working and let's just say let's becky getting Getting a good whacking to Slap the shit out of her and bianca right and and They got into a brawl. Bianca hit it with the when i forgot the name her move that shit and it was done so nakimora and apollo crews are gone. No next please for the taito. Yeah although it was it was a it was an okay match still like can we get somebody else into the fucking mixed with a car for the intercontinental title nakimora pulls out the win I apologize gonna roll you. think so. Yes ma montas. Four makia smackdown taxicabs than after cart champion championship switching again. I know i think they are. Think i think the us is going to go to To smack vice versa. Rone's icy belt now badly and vice versa. I think so and what you call it Roman Suppose called the romans Roma's the bloodline bitches. Roma says he wants to make an example of montas and make marty. He has a metronome. Later we'll just go get a yeah. Mit people call this. He's singles audition Seth rollins called out edge. Looks like we're getting back sooner than expected. I don't know why i don't know. We gotta exit for a little bit and just goto. You have steph dislike. Get involved in other shit. Yeah until edge comes back in a real weird place. I don't know You asked about it by live. Morgan camello the reason. Why is because selena. Vega defeats live morgan. With the help of carmelo. Okay here you go. Then we get happy talk Happy corridor happy went on yellow boy. Don't anything that came up. This was that Owens came out and was part of the segment and So when attacked all winds and it was the former twenty four. Seven champ riddick moss. He's back yeah like he wasn't bad when he was in his little stint. yeah women's taxing champ. Nikki ash defeats the talia. After the match you get shots and max who comes out to confront nikki in ripley. Okay all right all right We get the battle between nio mehan. Sonia ville sonya's still saying bitch. You're not going to be on the show. And i only fucking challenge. She says i'm not. I'm not a wrestler anymore and sonia yet egg know. Stick your stick ts to what you do it which is yet to talk videos and then give me like the dale brian treatment. Like i'm putting you on the cord and it's like really okay I guess there give me a chance me again messages. Which no one's even doing the hashtag. No more so wrong timing there. It got done this months ago. You get Finally watan sorry scripts that. That's actually news report. I missed her. End of the uso upfront. Which one they actually just Confirmed divorce no fuck out here. I was on my news report and that was the one me well. So flustered before missing one. That was missing Montas ford and roman reigns at the the main event and Montas proves that titles he did look good okay. Good i'm happy to hear that Not sure whether or not they did any favors for him but he looked good. And after that the use those attacks ford and came out to save the ballard came out to save. Yeah pretty much. Pretty much for that smack dumping smackdown all right. Yeah and then we.

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