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For free 30 Day. Try a laudable plus When you sign up at audible dot com we have a crash on the westbound side of I A th that is in the process of being cleared up near route 59 2 right lanes are blocked. It's involving a semi also in West Chicago. Not too far from there. We have a crash on route 59. At North Avenue. I'm Vicky Cuckoos. Ian, WGN Traffic Central. Two teenagers are in critical condition this morning after being shot in a drive by shooting in the South Chicago neighborhood. WGN's Glenn Marshall has the latest on Chicago violence at Comer Children's Hospital. Now there's a 13 and a 14 year old. We just spoke to the 13, year old's mother, who told us that they're both have waken up throw out of the anesthesia and they're on the road to recovery, but they're still in critical condition. In the meantime, police are looking for the driver of a Jeep Cherokee. It's red police were on South Pole investigating the double shooting. Least take blocked off the street near the corner of 82nd itself cold we're told the 14 year old and 30 year old were walking on the street around 9 30. Last night 45 minutes Last night, seven people were shot in Chicago. Another suspect is in custody for questioning in connection with the murder of seven year old Jocelyn Adam's Chicago Police were conducting a follow up in the case in the 1500 block of South Springfield when they called in the SWAT unit to help the person inside eventually came out on his own. Adams was killed April 18th while she was with her father in a McDonald's drive through in Homan Square. Getaway driver Marion Lewis has been charged with murder over the weekend, but police have said they were looking for two more suspects who actually opened fire. The city of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a gun store in Gary. The suit accuses West fourth sports of selling hundreds of guns to straw purchasers that eventually wound up in the hands of convicted felons and that Chicago crime scenes Air, Lightfoot says those guns have contributed.

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