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It's true but okay now. This is where the suit and me wants to know like when you're at the bt awards. I would be losing my mind every second only because it's like it's such a down to the wire. Is this going to work. It's not gonna work because you know you can't be there as a fan watching this performance you have to trust in your director. You have to trust in the creative people. You have to trust the talent i mean. Do you not having zayed's on whether or not blah blah blah made they're playing or not or there's a plan b. or plan c. or we got cut this part of the show we had to edit that part of the show light just the things that i now know in television production that dr proprietors and bosses crazy. You never have that on your face. But i know for this year. Anybody anybody anybody who works with me. He was hearing this. Perhaps he doesn't know who stephen hill is. Maybe he's looking at somebody else's face because it's always. It's always poker face time. Now for instance now this year with the with the passing of our king. Ooh mr hill you. You took a very no. I mean you took a very bold dance with the tweet. I.

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