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A young economists especially graduate students going spending walks of time in the field and in some sense they're they're they're still a discouragment to spend a lot of time off in another country you still spend relatively little time compared to see other academic disciplines um and and it used to be zero there's an interesting set of people to bring on would be people like michael cramer chris you tree who really were development communists who who broke the half in the media 1980's and 1990s by spending a lot of time in places like in ganin chris's cason in kenya in michaels case doing this kind of work really pioneering it the other others as well the they searched standard in my mind and uh in in showing with you could do a portent working in making development economics credible again in the profession in in showing in the and then sending their students to to ghana or kick look this is why i was in why resigned to see kenya running this t worming experiment because michael student ted miguel uh he sent to run some experiments and collect data and ted did his district in there and he started his own studies in busa kenya and then i showed up at berkeley and ted was this uh young prov maybe just one or two years in who became my dissertation advisor and i and he sent me to kenyan by first semester and then why did i ended up working of violence in northern uganda because might the second time i got set to kenya i was sitting in an in a cafe and i and i met a woman who uh because it takes twenty minutes for thirty minutes for the hot neil peach slowed up which until you your was and uh and so we start struck up a conversation with woman next to me who was a doing this qualitative study of of children affected by conflict in child soldiers in northern uganda.

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