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Energy. We've condensed into everything that it's pulled in overtime does get ripped apart when it gets close to a much bigger blackhall all and does that energy then some of it get the get released as it gets ripped. The bill played on the phone. He can come up the what happens. If you rip open hall trauma hotline. That's what would hotline lot line out of it. I think there would be an incredible fireworks show because if it's a even a small black hole it to is going going to be surrounded by dust and gas and lots of stuff that if it's falling in will never mind the mass of the black hole itself but all that stuff around it would be the issue so i think the big question though is it was a very rapid event. It was not a long sustained event so it was maybe maybe something much smaller than another blast already vibrant luminescence. That's all we saw right. That sounds like something big. I don't buy that b._s. That doesn't sound like a a star or a few stars or aid aide. Hundred stars going sounds much bigger to me. I don't know but we're gonna have. We're gonna have to ask somebody but it's not long. It's not at the end of the it's not the end of our solar system not the end of our galaxy. We're all still good yeah. We have quick stories for the end of the show yeah. I have a story about daddy long legs. Everybody loves daddy long legs ray guy said at the beginning of the show and <hes> so a lot of people like i like to see him because i know the -squitoes <hes> but apparently there is an urban legend that long legs spiders have have extremely toxic venom so toxic that it could kill a human but the reason they're not dangerous to us is that there things are too short penetrate trait he once again you've heard this. They don't have big enough. Mouths got more than a decade of research from lewis. Jason clark college looked at what was in the venom of daddy long legs and compiled evidence of the effects of them on humans. They brought dan some tech individuals some <hes> some database <hes> <hes> knowledgeable individuals to kind of make this multi-disciplinary very to look through the venom and run all these data analytics to figure out exactly what was in there the long ensured of it is not no so it's funny as really they probably didn't need to do the study. They could've just looked for the research that made this claim in the first place in gone. No there's nothing there so there's lots of interesting proteins peptides. It's highly toxic insects but all the evidence they have collected over the past it almost a decade indicates. It has negligible successively on mammals not just humans which are pretty big mammals but mammal's especially especially compared with black widow them for example all right so it's the proteins that are present in the venom. It's not the size of it's probably still very tiny mouse yet. Still it's still could be true that they can't bite. Although i don't know about that i'm very aggressive. They tend not but i feel like if you like trapped one in your hand i feel like they would still try never been bits and it allowing teach my children some day. I'll get around it fast fast thunder them. Have we do have a pet. <hes> pet daddy long leg named helen henrietta in this year pet or is she. Your roommate is she allowed him to run of the house corner yeah..

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