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Houston said protests too I'm John mostly down a one o'clock on newsradio seven forty KTRE extravagant weather together years Katie London let's move on with the downtown connector ramp closure to the southwest freeway northbound also southwest freeway north and south of the west loop that's three blocks he may take a Richmond or no thirty four as an alternate north loop east of west on the connector into forty five north also going to be closed I couldn't find it in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center much more stable atmosphere is taking over the Lone Star state for much of the week we've been dealing with a big upper level weather piece of energy that has just been parked across Texas during his day after day of storms but that's moved all south and east and away from US seventy one are low tonight ninety tomorrow in upper eighties on Sunday I'm meteorologist Scott Laurie more the weather channel and right now we have seventy of the woodland seventy three in spring in seventy seven at the KTRE top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center KTRE to news time one oh one our top story vandalism and multiple arrests during protests in downtown Houston over the death of Houston native George Floyd died in the Minneapolis this week while being arrested police chief art Acevedo responded to an HPD vehicle that had been vandalized with graffiti and broken windows here's what the chief had to say the only thing that was a lie we from the protest involving hundreds of people began at discovery green then spread to city hall and other downtown areas president trump hosting an economic roundtable at the White House updating the federal investigation into George Floyd's death were also make it into a federal situation and it's.

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