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Just don't let some stumbling through what can get any moment from readable. A piece that laura niro i will absolutely again listen again pronunciation right. I mean one of the points is mike about a is that was sort of outsor- stat with the kind of hippie counterculture and it sort of ironic in a way. That jackson browne her boyfriend that she has nothing to do. She didn't even wanna be on. Geffen's label asylum. She refused to go to asylum. And you your lead to this boyfriend. Who's in the green room or whatever. The incomes taping. Don't mention. That jackson wasn't wasn't she change terms which came back economies named italian american curry. Very young guy So jackson so she. Won't you point so. I don't think he wasn't the guy. She married not guessing source of rescued. Her off the disaster monterey as perceived as it's perceived as we not true where. Where is the truth right there on the bill at monterey on the saturday afternoon and she came prepared to put on a show so she had the musicians from the wrecking crew. The the session guys who actually would also playing with the moments and other people so they would probably already john joplin janice joplin. She wasn't jimi hendrix. You know she didn't set fire to piano tom. And it's quite hard set fata jerry. Destroy jones flexibility dylan chop up a piano. Well anyway difficult. It's american dreamers. What the boxes code is released maj fish and the next week move. I think there's an eight album of rarities. Mix of multi for that load roy. We've got enough digs in another box. So the latest in the series of beach boys boxes is also about come is cool feel flows and it focuses on the sunflower them from nine hundred seventy and the surf's up album from one so again. There's this demos outtakes. I love this beach boys. I love this period of the beach. Boys i you reviewed so some familiarly making. We have them all be paid and a really rave. I think you describe feel flows the song as you said. You'll love calls to songs. With words by jack. Riley feel flows along promised road simply the best. Inner quest psalms i've heard and you'll so say bruce johnston's disney goals nineteen fifty seven. I think stands up as a bit of a masterpiece of sop. How'd you how'd you hear it after all these years. Oh the masterpiece to me. Really if i had to. Probably if i had to to identify one piece of music that single handedly justifies white pop music. It would be. It would be successful before it came out. I was phoned by jack riley and it's interesting put some flour together because actually represents kind of hinge. Moment surf's up. Kate were sunflower was was their first album. For warner brothers and sold zilch having been fiddled around with lock warner brothers. Were very nervous having given the beach. Money label in there are the records. And it's a lovely record with some in. This whole world is a classic slip on through classic but people didn't realize at the time and it was packaged in a slightly cheesy way but then an major at the time is michael nick grillo. Who wasn't there for very long then along came. This guy called jack. Riley very strange man alleged. Brian's health food restaurant the radiant ready. I mean if you want to believe any of these stories. He interviewed brian for his. He was radio. Dj at the time interviewed brian and then he recognized very shrewdly that the beach boys needed putting back on or putting on some sort of more interesting track than the one they were on and he you know seeing that they were interesting mike. Love bribe interested in transcendental. Meditation bit of vegetarianism going on a bit of early ecological awareness and he apparently wrote a six page letter detailing what he could do for the beach boys to brian and brian bought it. Persuaded rest of the group. Were more or less persuaded to go along with him. And jack riley really was responsible for sir so he because he knew. Serve up with a lost masterpiece from the great lost masterpieces smile. But there have been rumors about. Surf's up for years. Because brian had sung it on the leonard bernstein. Tv show yeah seven solos sung part of it. Yeah and bernstein said this is amazing. And it was amazing and probably. They're on youtube still. It's beautiful thing. So it was known about that jack. Riley had intelligence to say okay. Let's take this last masterpiece restore it finish it and make it the centerpiece of their next time. I'll have calls thing it and yet but some of brian brian's original vocal and it's a wonderful arrangement. It's amazing stuff in a van. Dyke parks is lyric is just beyond.

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