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The is a republican yeah the people's republic of where the people that are gay as others but to the the this uh this whole thing um is interesting because there's a couple of guys that controlled could we had a a lot of influence on it bird as we mentioned and he's been deceased for seven years two pit byrd rule and then um i i i think we i think we have to go to really more this thing was we know uh the i don't like that i like that way more lives loses okay let's get it done i mean it was that that's it if you think about it it's it's almost like you're listening to like corker you know i know no i can't supported i can't supported what were more remote lost he lost well we all have to make sacrifices are you it can i say something personal about the since i will be paying more idiots like i'll be pay four point eight per centers right where the fourth part him to get a patch it is it because we'd actually mentioned this not knowing what the situation would have been a couple of weeks ago because we didn't know where the final thing was going to be right uh but uh have i not paid enough income taxes i know i have why do i have to pay more why why does anybody have to pay more why are arrogant i the only ones i'm outraged that that have to pay more in order to lessen the burden for future generations and everybody else gets a break why those rotten i demand drought that this i just as there is no gift for the american people forget about you independent bob my situation has nothing to do with being single let's get a bullhorn invited actions let's let's get a bullhorn and shout veto all night veto veto video we hate the tax bills were paid more don't sign it mr president i just sit there they're not as time passed well i'm sure that's gonna have some influence ha how dare how dare well you're gonna laugh when i say this how dare the conservative congress exactly tax conservative talk show hosts more exact under this.

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