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There's no way that you can compare what russia respite did what he did was remarkable i don't care your guard you're you get triple double for season that's remarkable but the difference is is that oscar robertson just played westbrook was trying to get triple doubles no okay and that's the difference between the two and the other one and this is the fact that nobody's ever talked about and this is a dramatic factor the last time i looked when he got his triple doubles he didn't play nine games against we'll chamberlain against bill russell against nate thurmond against wall bellamy this guy's going to the basket dunkin that never would have happened if he played against those guys you gotta remember this too is that the possessions are up it i tell people it's like football joe montana never threw for four thousand yards blake bortles did last year so that's no longer impressive marquel foltz came off the bench two nights ago play twenty five minutes and got a triple double i'm over it the possessions the pace of playwright we played no we played we paint we played a lot of as we play we score one hundred twenty points back in my day it was up down you were a on a great shooting team you guys were rare mullen could shoot wilkes at you you are the best arguable when i first came in the league before he played with those nineteen sixty five when i committee we score one hundred twenty points regularly i mean it was people seem to forget that it was a high pet high played pay scale fast paced game up and down up and down scoring a lot of points that's what it was it was a whole different philosophy though it was funnel everything to your big is nathan block the shots now you never want anybody to get to the basket you don't want your big men leading the league and shot you that means you're defend sucks right rick perry's joining us hall of famer you know i was i was talking we have made.

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