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And yet the democrats in this country of convince women that the only thing that really matters is your vagina and your ability to kill your baby in the womb and if that rightist taken from you then you are no longer equal think about that for a moment let that c can if you can't kill your child then you're no longer equal to a man that's the message these crazy liberal democrats have told women and unfortunately there's a whole held a lot of women who bought it seven fifty two wlob fm and am have ice police say a registered sex offender with agusta is taking pictures of young girls and posting them on the internet but he's not breaking any laws augusta police are investigating every complaint they get at this point if congress can't afford a government shutdown over immigration policy this week the most visible affected main would be the closure of acadia national park heating and housing assistance for the poor but also be vulnerable to disruption federal employees would not get paychex some civilian workers could be furloughed and there could be a delay in getting passports and do people nearly drowned thursday night after their snowmobile broke through the in belgrade it can you will caleb more dog meat in his seventy year old passenger joshua stevens went through the ice at the outlet of lawn pond wlob fm and am next with maine's total weather from channel eight wmtw it makes a partial sunshine today and for new highs in the mid thirties a few scattered clouds tonight lower 20s by morning sunshine and clouds mixed on saturday quite mild mid40s partly sunny sunday then mostly cloudy by late in the day we climb to the mid thirty's mostly cloudy here on monday from channel eight i'm chief meteorologist roger grice won't bring you maine's total weather yes and you're in your nowhere to go and the juliana live on where the show thank you brookhaven again for us as long as sam dole of god from from the uk it was talking on the sale for them sweden of dr drive in the green zone all sides libel in reverse it turned out there was making them come on i am dexter berry i live eleven casco for the last three years i work with ahmed staff who new england i am a personal support beshir list this work allow me to pursue my passion helping other people.

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