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I would still say that safety is the biggest need for the eagles. I would say that safety office of tackle running back on the three. Biggest needs edged linebacker going to be the needs following interior defensive line. I still not with you this whole into your office of line train thing. But different matter entirely. I really wanna talk about that, by the way. But go ahead. Yes, we which we will. But the eagles could go for one of six positions at the top of the draft, Johnny. I wouldn't be super shocked. And that's the way you want to be because it means if you have top fifteen grade on chancing, he's falling will then you can go up and get him knowing that you're not screwing yourself off tackle because Jason theaters for these home. That's the freedom that you have which is sick. The other the player that kind of become the titular target of this hypothetical. Freedom is at all over who. Ed, Oliver tested exactly as we expected him to his now, a top ten lakh when he wasn't before we knew he was super quick. But at all of the guy who if he's fallen eagles will love him will value him icepack that from the team. So we'll say I do believe that Jordan Howard eliminates round one running back that I do believe there was a chance at round one running back. There are people in the building who would like to see round running back, but with Howard. I don't think it happens. So I will say that. But Sunday how I on safety listened Sunday hope cost one one point three million and can be cut and you'll news hundred thousand so you'll paid five hundred thousand to maybe not draft around safety. That's honestly like very fair exchange. I mean, honestly when it comes to Sunday. Oh, if Sunday who is keeping you from drafting Gardner Johnson. Who is a round one grade and a top twenty player for me. I think you're going about the process wrong thing. He's he's not. There's no way. He is. He's anderson. I how exactly so when we come back. I actually want to get into this interior offensive line discussion made you can talk about some official visits that. The eagles have brought in to you to go on that train. That's next on the kissing Solex show episode eighty seven I believe is that what I said, I'm selling. We'll call it that Trump lead ingred nation. Get your brackets ready..

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