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Bobby Miller, Dale City, Maryland discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Forty H. traffic and weather on the eight so when it breaks with Bobby Miller in the WTOP traffic center and on sixty six west bound road work now in place for the beltway alternately street getting my single file to the right on sixty six west from the beltway alternately on three ninety five pace is pretty good so far don't leave any works orders in place there but ninety five north bound to prince William county the other was singling getting past the work zone should be getting by the left as you head toward Dale city just south of Dale city of the truck scales that's where the real work is around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia no delays to report on beach drive between three thirty five an old Avenue had a tree down there Ansel beach drive was blocked as a result something to seventy after one eighteen before becoming eligible to getting by by squeezing took left past the work zone ninety five Baltimore Washington parkway he's doing all right but he's bald one ninety eight is hung up badly again tonight leave us a paving operation eastbound one ninety eight from ninety five very sort of end users were you get by single file need to windows with donation will defer your payments for two years right now get to windows with every.

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