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And you know what that is called you know being three dimensional character your world. This is the year of the black woman. We can become complex. Exactly exactly exactly. We could be complex. I was not saying as can be one of them. Yeah are you girl. Girl girl telling you that girl i say. Tell with the fake french pronunciation. Maybe i should be lumped into this conversation. Who knows you forget. It's bertel isn't it right. Turtle keep it down. Keep it down. Guess just like from entourage. Don't drag me for referencing. Entourage entourage all week. I didn't think i saw jam. Even at a at a air one was not him and myself gave a male sex and the city. Debbie masar culture. Police yes yes. We wouldn't have as our on younger and without that we wouldn't have debbie may ours. Cautious comments on madonna's instagram cautious support. Do constantly wish that. I was at air one more Because i feel like finneas always there. Oh is he and billie eilish fan. Yeah like always like no for fame bitch. I wanna see that citius. Okay i wanna see edit eddie at figuring out how to spend it at Remember when was the hotbed for my anti vaccine and like stop the steel conservatives and cuban people make sense bothers me. 'cause it's nowhere backwards except two of the letters are switched and i just wish i wished it worked out actually. You're not been wondering do you. Think adam levine storm the capital anyway. We'll figure that out next week. Thank you for joining us. Keep it keep. It is a crooked media. Production the show is produced by carolina rested and brian. Semel is associate producer. Our executive producer. Is ira madison. The third thank our editor is bill lance and kyle seguin is sounded genetic. Thank.

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