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Our v A. V. Goodyear Hotline. John Lund. Aaron Goldhammer kept quick update on the NFC championship game Buccaneers and Tom Brady lied Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. 14 to 10. It could be tied at 14 Davante Adams with a rare drop in the end zone on the Packers last possession and then a third down stop by the Packers gets them the ball back, so they're deep in their own territory, but two minutes left You pointed this out Aaron. They could double up here. If they could get a score here. They get the second half kickoff, right. They have two time outs and the two minute warning, but they're starting deep in their own territory. Red zone is a big difference in this game. Tampa has scored when they've gotten down there touchdowns both times. And the Packers, of course, had the three place to Davante Adams that they couldn't convert for a touchdown and they had to settle for a field goal. So that's the difference in the game. The other big thing I'm looking at here seven for nine on third down Tampa in the first half. Mike Patton in the Green Bay Defense, John They're gonna have to make some third down adjustments and get off the field a little bit more. A couple of those were third and longs and I know it's tough against Tom Brady. But Campus. Ability to convert on third down has been a huge difference so far in this first half lives. No doubt that you can. You don't even have to look at the scoreboard. If you look at third downs, if you look at red zones, and if you could look at big plays, if you add those up, and one team is dominant over another. You're gonna win the football game, an interesting situation to the Packers. The Buccaneers could have called the time out there and they could've got the ball back, but it looks like they're not going to the Packers will continue. We'll keep you up to date on the game. It will also continue to talk about the A F C championship game later on between the bills. And the Kansas City Chiefs from Arrowhead Stadium. But we're having a conversation earlier, the Miami heat. I don't know how this technology works. I have no idea. Dogs are incredible. So the Miami Heat claimed they have dogs that can sniff. For covert 19 no idea how this works. Sniffer, covert 19th. So the question is What would it take to get you back into an arena in a stadium? Are you already ready to go? Are you waiting for the vaccine? Are you waiting for others to go? Are you waiting for dogs who could sniff covert 19? How would you? How would you phrase where you are, As far as if you could go back in with the masses that you would go well in Cleveland? It's very different than where you are in San Francisco, John because here we're letting fans into the basketball arena about 2500. And we went through a brown season where there were fans at every single game, But I have not been to a sporting event since the beginning of the pandemic for everybody. This is different, right? Everybody sees this thing differently. Everybody's a different age. They come into contact with different people. Their level of risk is totally different. John for me. I've got to get the two doses of the vaccine before I'm going back to these games. And I think that owners realize that there is enough. There are enough people that were willing to risk it, especially outdoors. But the tricky thing for the heat for for these inside NBA games is I don't care how good the ventilation is. Just my constitution. My insides tell me that being outside is safer for covert than being inside and to go to a mass event like this indoors here. I'm probably wait until I get two doses of vaccine before I'm mask up and go back to an NBA game as much as I miss it as much as I want to be there I have. I have been too numerous 40 Niners game. It's I Dupri in post game for the 40 Niners out here in the Bay Area, and it is the weirdest thing ever to be in a game in which it's a professional game, and there are no fans. It feels like a scrimmage. There is no Mo mentum one way or the other one. A team makes a big score. They scored on a 76 yard touchdown. And it didn't matter that there was fake noise and all these kind of things early in the season, there was no Mo mentum. The Arizona Cardinals came back. No problem. There is no intimidation factor, and I don't care If there's a small amount of fans and you're pumping a bunch of noise in in Kansas City today, it would be vastly different. If you had a bunch of lubed up people going into Arrowhead, save him and screaming their heads off and doing the chance and all the different things that they do. It's just vastly different. What happens with the opposition is and I've done it in MBA arenas have been there, too. Just there's no intimidation. You go on a 10 hour run. No problem. We're fine. It's like you're just you're playing in a neutral site, with with no energy or momentum going either way, and sometimes it takes the home team to wake up for a minute. At least it did early in the NFL season to say we make a big play. There's no momentum. We've got to continue this. It's going to be all on us. That's been the most difficult part. Would go to an outdoor arena and feel pretty well about it, depending obviously on what the parameters were indoor arenas like you just said I'm not there yet. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not there yet for an indoor arena because they've told you that the outside and for obvious reasons. You're less likely so outside arenas I would start to feel comfortable inside. Aries is gonna take me a while. Dogs are just the best. How can a dog sniff you and be able to sense that you have the that is amazing to me. And I wonder like if there's a certain part of your body that exudes the scent, so like do you like if it's your face, like do you have to get down on the floor so that the dog can sniff your face before they'd let you in the building that Z. I gotta see how these dogs the covert sniffing dogs work. I got to see that in action, but apparently it's it's for real. The other part of this, you brought up Especially for the N B, a in the NFL the reason to go to the game. Isn't just to witness it in person. It's to witness it in person with 60,000 of your closest friends, so they want to feel that energy that Horsing vibe that you get out of the walk off home run. Just got hit. Right for the big touchdown pass just got thrown or LeBron on the breakaway throws down that Duncan. Everybody like rises as one and I would think that to be in these vast arenas with just a couple of people. I would almost rather watch it at home, then be there in person, because it feels that could be just a constant reminder of the pandemic. Trust me. I have enough reminders in my life of what's going on this country right now. I don't need another one game be on ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. When would you go back into an arena in Miami? The heat have Covert 19 sniffing dogs. I just know this. I am honestly I want to go to anything and I'm telling you, I'm not sure I want to go to a concert. You know what? I'm not gonna lie to you early in this whole process. I invited my ex wife over. That's how desperate I was to have some sort of adult interaction. And everybody who has kids at home schooling right now knows exactly. I just want to talk to adults. Even if she screams at me and tells me what a loser I am. Any kind of interaction, and I'm still nervous to go to a game right now. Not sure. Oh, I am. So that's where I am right. I've had days. I've had days like that, too. Haven't we all gave me on ESPN radio on the ESPN app coming up. We gotta look at the AMC championship game. We'll update you. It's almost half time in the NFC championship game in the A F. C. What would it win? Mean for the Buffalo Bills. It's Game day, ESPN radio ESPN APP Sirius XM Channel Lady John Lund and Aaron Goldhammer on ESPN Radio in ESPN APP. Listen. AKI Shaun T Women's Open at home. Just take your smart speaker to play ESPN radio now. Plain ESPN radio. Josh Allen has been.

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