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Write my tesla donation sometimes it goes from it comes from a manual tester that takes his own initiatives and decides to start writing test automation, and again his thinks how hard can it be. And he starts and in the beginning. He is that it works and is very happy. And they shows it to his manager and manager is may be very happy. But it doesn't hold for very long because it doesn't have the skills to write maintainable stable test and every little every other day that break and takes longer to stabilize them and to fix them than it takes to test tested manually. So. This is the first level, and I've certainly dealt with organizations were in that place where I literally when v two of the product came out we had to throw away all the tests we written and write him again. Are we writing tests the wrong way, probably? It's point is tests shouldn't be that brittle. Yeah. It shouldn't be that real. It depends on how if the Desta written only in technical way, they test technical aspects of the -plication that if this technology changes, for example than this. This should be re re re written, by the way, one this advantage of smaller tests like unit and integration tests. Where system test are less brittle to this kinds of problems though. Of course, the you I took -nology can change too. Right. But so it's not only it's not only that it's also what the test verify. So if the tests verify the behavior of the -plication, let's say in business terms like eh the product to the inventory and sell the product. And if you if you're using this kind of terms than you can. Change the implementation of some metals in the maybe a lot of message, but eight you change only implemetation of some methods in the destination. But the test themselves can remain more or less the same. Now, we're describing tests that are much more about the intent of software rather than the implementation of it. Yeah. Exactly. Okay. By the way, tools, like cucumber inspect flow which fall under the category. People like to call them biddy details. Right. Oh bit. It is more muscle Aji rather than the tools, but this tools guide you to to ride the tests in that's tool men are that describes the business functionality of depletion rather than the technical details. Of course, the tool itself. Cannot force you to do the right thing. Right. So many people use these tools, but the sentence has the right are very. Technical. So y'all so need to use it correctly, Dan. But I appreciate a tool. It sort of helps you fall into the pit of success here rather than you go off on your own and just go the wrong way. We we've we've talked about cucumber inspect flow on the show before. But I think it's literally been years. Yep. I this is brought it up. So I appreciate you mentioning that. But that moving to the next stage of maturity is writing better tests part of that equation. Okay. So let me go through the other levels. So that level is what we talked about before. Which is the QA Centric where the commission is perceived to be a responsibility of the QA team, which is a separate team in the stage. But in this stage, the test automation itself is more mature, there's at least one dedicated automation developer sometimes team of commission developers. But the perception is that the goal is to find bogs. And when the bug is found than they filed a new bug. And if the bug is critical than any other critical bog, it's fixed immediately. But if the bug is not very critical than you file, a bargain, it can be fixed somewhere in in the future whenever the developers will have time two months from now or right or whatever after this this current sprint like if it's a rendering problem on a minor device. You just not going to prioritize it. Yeah. But even it's in the next print. It's it's better. But in some cases, you know, many many companies still work in water scrum way. Scrummed fall. But you release the software to the customer only once every six months, for example, scrummage so so the only the few sprints towards the release..

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