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Mazing how the propaganda sinks so that. Nobody pays attention to whether or not they've been lying all along about this imminent threat. Yeah that's the whole point. I mean if you lie enough what what you lying about disappears and all of the snuff As I'm sure you've read the The background pieces Is Nonsense. This guy was a senior military officer. You going around set in I. E D's kill tell America he was going around firing rockets at the US embassy. This guy was with way too many levels above that kind of thing. The whole claimed a- any I a ED that killed an American In Iraq was the responsibility of this guy is ridiculous and yet that is precisely the claim that's being made that's where they come up with his six hundred number. The the number of American casualties the I.. D.'s and up there has been A lot of research subject and an IEP DIS rather simple I can be constructed in any metalworking shop and indeed you imagine Kasese forces in to fourteen thousand five discover. The shops inside Iraq. There was no Iranian hand in this in the You may have seen that that Matt Ho was in a piece I think Scott Ritter wrote and he said I was there At the time and I know we knew that these were Iraqi manufactured Iraqi rocky place. This was not a Sola money. tiptoeing around sneaking in these bombs everywhere but the propaganda still holds doesn't it I mean he killed all of these people it's Go ahead Philip. Sorry yeah no I mean. That's that's precisely at there's a it's like you know it's like Gurbuz used to say about the big lie and we're seeing that big lines administration. They never tell the truth You know what should we as Americans do about this. I don't no anymore. It's we've reached the point where lying has become such a part government and and that we citizens I think are beginning to get a desperate about watered it. What are the solutions to this? We don't WanNa war with people that we don't that don't threaten us and yet yet we were stuck in the situation where we have a government. That doesn't listen to anybody and appears to be completely ignorant and is is marching down that road for raw. Aw for reasons of You know dispensation resum that we want the second coming of Christ and the reasons did you so ridiculous but doctor and if we if we had an opposition party we might feel a little bit less desperate you know as you pointed out earlier. The Democrat criticism Zim of trump's move all boils down to yeah. He was horrible in this really great that you killed him but you should have done a little bit differently. Maybe you should have tipped us off. Maybe you should have this guy not this way you know so. There really is no opposition to the core of what happened as you point out the enormity of assassinating a senior foreign military official of a sovereign state eight which is recognized by the US and the UN. It all boils down to yeah. It's good that you did it but you really should have come to us and growled a little bit. I know it's correct. Thank you what they said. It's pathetic well Philip. If maybe he want to wrap it up. Because now trump looks like he's out here hanging upon Palin esperer fighting for their their lives. I mean I wish there more consequences for their lives but you know maybe maybe trump's being set up for something thing WITH WITH ASPIRIN PEYOT backing out of their certainty that it was imminent. Where do you see things heading as we move away from the accepted narrative? Well I think the one encouraging thing about all of this is the greatest form whatever reason there may have been messages exchanged vote vote for whatever reasons. The Iranians have chosen not to escalate this. Now if we can see Anyone within the White House in with with our current administration exercising similar restraint which we just might tear this without starting were three But you know this is really serious. Serious stuff I can't think of an example of anything even similar to this assassinating a senior official since Yamamoto Nama Bodo and with Yamamoto forty five. We were at war and in this case we were not at war with these people and were were assassinating their senior officials shorts. I mean this is just incredible. This is something that that is an American growing up. We would have never expected by government to do and But you know we're we're different game now and I think Americans really got to wake up to just how horrific dinner is and some day. If if we keep doing this kind of stuff that chickens are gonNA come home to roost and we will find we have no friends anywhere in the world and that will be very bad. That's great well thanks. Very must've your perspectives. Fill it's always great to have you here and And I WANNA thank our viewers for today's liberty report. Thanks for keeping coming back We are in a dangerous Chris Situation. It doesn't seem like either the parties Care at all about preventing a massive war that will be very destructive to our economy into our lives into our standing in in the world. The only thing I think we can do and we're seeing a little bit of it is to do some protesting I think we need a broad left right coalition. Which is what the Ron Paul Institute is all about The broadest coalition possible and focusing specifically on war itself so we are focusing. We're doing our best. Thank you for joining us. Please come back tomorrow and Watch the Liberty Report..

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