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I want to give people a chance to tie and Anna governor Jeanette Nunez who is with us we've we've had a we've been inspiring day in Florida president trump wanted me to convey his great respect and appreciation to the people of Florida and all the businesses are well represented here because of the choices that you have made us since we were last together in the middle of March the other the truth is we slow the spread we flatten the curve so we save lives well all of us mourn with those who mourn we grieve for the loss of more than ninety thousand of our countrymen including several thousand men women here in Florida but it is undeniable because of the sacrifices that American families made in implementing the guidelines that were issued by the coronavirus task force in Washington the willingness of families to be able to get here to your guidance governor here in Florida really to implement the kind of social distancing which which is all about putting the health of others first we're getting there and we are where we are today at a time when now all in all fifty states have begun the process of re opening their contacts and beginning the American comeback but it's a testament to the American people and I want to say to the people of Florida thank you thank you for the sacrifice you have made most especially as we said the governor visiting one of your wonderful nursing home facilities here in Florida I want to specially say thank you for caring so much for the most vulnerable among us and to think you said there's four thousand nursing homes roughly here term care and and long term care facilities here in the state of Florida and fully thirty five hundred had no coronavirus cases at all that is a tribute to an extraordinary group of caregivers healthcare workers that I think deserve a big round of applause for but.

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