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Minnesota has made the playoffs each of the last three years under heath. Here's the bad news hurt. Currently, they sit 11th in the Western Conference. So, her, are you cool with given the current circumstances in Minnesota? Minnesota United handing heath, this two year extension. I guess I'm cool with it if you are cool with it as a fan base. I mean, let me explain myself. In Major League Soccer in each conference about half the teams make the playoffs, that's not a bar. That's not a measuring stick for success. Now, Adrian heath now is the fourth longest serving longest tenured coach in Major League Soccer. Peter Burmese, Brian schmitzer, and curtain. All those have something in common. Do you know what that's something in common is? They want something. They've won something. Curtains want to support a shield, okay? The other two have one MLS cups. Insanely successful, whatever you want. Adrian is not one anything. Not in Orlando, not in Minnesota. In fact, he's lost more games than he's won. 72 to 63. There are 11 right now, but if you want to go to the supporters you'll standings, they're 20th in the standings. This to me, and it's always has been. I don't care if you want to say, yeah, but the first few years were expansion side. That's no longer an excuse to Major League Soccer. I would rather be an expansion side in Major League Soccer and start from scratch than some of these other teams. That's a reality. You can win if you do it right. Now, they've spent tons of money, they brought in tons of players, same outcome. If you're fine with being mediocre, then I've got no issue with the surprise announcement because that's what it is to me. A surprise announcement. If you want on a run, a crazy run and was like, MLS cup. I've had no issues, but that's not been the case. It's not been the case in Minnesota. It's not been in the case in Orlando. And this is nothing against Adrian V but I think if you want to aspire to be a top franchise in the league, this doesn't scream it. You asked if fans would be cool with it. It's absolutely just a couple anecdotes, but I will say this. We had people hitting us up on Twitter about the show asking us to talk from a Minnesota United fan perspective about this. We also had friends of mine who are Minnesota united fans texting me. And I think that the general consensus is that there's at least her a part of the Minnesota United fan base to your point that isn't exactly convinced of what they've seen so far from Adrian heath. There is a playoffs in the last three seasons. That's not a very high bar. There are some finals. There was the 2019 open Cup final. There's the Western Conference final in 2020. There's some success. But I don't know. I'm kind of with you here. This doesn't seem like you're chasing ambition. This seems like a very comfortable move for Minnesota United. There's some progress, but it's not overwhelming, and especially from a timing standpoint. When you're sitting 11th in the west, maybe give them some time to turn it around, right? Maybe not to get three games and announcement. Right, if you don't want fans to jump down your throat, then you gotta think about timing. Maybe this was the only timing that they had to make this decision on Adrian heath. All right, let's take a look.

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