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So you say the pickup hockey game grabs you It's an Ottawa Story. It's a barely hockey player. Who suffered a head injury? Almost eight years ago and a judge has now ruled that he should get more more than seven hundred thousand dollars from the player who crashed into him and the case highlights chain. How courts treat hockey injuries? According according to judge She said that her decision. This is not the first lawsuit in Canada for injuries. Sustained during a hockey game courts of moved from requiring evidence evidence of intent to harm to applying the general rules of negligence adapting them to the context of a sport where some risk of injury is inevitable label so the case arose eight years ago when a fellow by the name of Gordon mcisaac body checked drew caster ten behind the net during the last minute of their directly game in Ottawa Cassard and hit his head on the ice mcisaac said it was accidental because Castro and made a sudden turn at the last second casters and said he was blindsided and that he suffered life altering injuries as a result and the key issue was whether or not mcisaac was liable for the injuries and whether castrated himself had done anything to contribute to his misfortune so the judge decided the seven hundred. Thousand dollars is what he is going to get. You're right like you said before the break Jimmy. This could change everything as far as you know Mens League hockey. Even I think about pickup hockey where I don't know if there's even insurance you know what I don't think they can you know. Is that done. The Guy got the seven hundred grand and yeah. I don't know if he's been very. He's been awarded whether the money's changed hands yet. I don't know well a bunch of shit comes up that I that I don't. I don't know the answer to as you know are they. Ensured are barely hockey league's insured. I know that much. The Leagues are definitely insured. Any car haw Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association. I think they get involved. And so when you pay you know if you're an elite you probably playing paying four or five hundred dollars And part of that fee goes toward insurance. I don't know about pickup hockey. Yeah well I mean there's gotta be some protection for felonious assault like if a guy to hand you in the head goes crazy and snaps. I guess you have. You have an avenue to go down here to the right to be compensated right but according to this description I don't like it I I don't like it. You know you gotTa take some responsibility that you're GONNA get injured if hitting allowed in the league. I don't is this guy I don't know I don't know the situation but I sure don't I sure see this thing is cracking open. A huge can of worms huge can of worms especially with the big settlement. You know that so every time now so you know someone gets hit. Br separates our shoulder. Something okay I'm blaming you. Here's the other thing that can happen. Steve is a full on scam with insurance money. You Know Hey stevie. Why don't you blindside me tonight? You know don't do too hard and I'll split the Dole right. I mean that's the the negative side of me. The you know the doubting talk. This'll be totally interesting and curious over the next little while what's going to happen in these leaks swell play. I mean God. I've been my whole life. I've been playing men's league hockey pickup hockey. And I it's pause for thought it really is and I and then and there's all the time they're collisions and I look at them and I say well as probably inadvertent but I don't know I can't climb inside a lot of guys head. Sometimes and no is intent was and it appears that. That's what happened here. I have to assume that there were lots of players who gave testimony. You know who witnessed the whole thing. Maybe maybe there's a history there I don't know but it it really is difficult. Sometimes to decide was that intentional all that collision or did the guys Aig when the other guy thought he was going to. Zag What Am I. What am I a mind reader? I don't know so guest. Judge heard enough from the from the witnesses testimony to say. Yup We believe. There's some intent there. Yeah I don't yeah I don't I don't get it. I don't know why they said No. No like if you play hockey Steve. Okay you're at risk okay. You're at risk of of turn into quick of jamming blade of catching an edge You know an inadvertent stick high stick shit like that that are GonNa to have you know you're GonNa be you're GONNA be scarred you're GONNA you're gonNA crack your orbital bone you're gonNA get hit in the face of the PUCK and you know we're not a lot you're not allowed to hoist the puck. Maybe you're not allowed to have slop shots in a beer league and and You know what happens here. You take a shot at hits a blade of a stick and rises catches a guy in the mouth so now this guy get this guy get ten grand or whatever you know. It's I don't like there's an inherent risk risk man when you play contact sports and to me it sounds like like if you're a bull rider Steve in Rodeo. These guys are my mind are the toughest efforts I've ever seen in my life. High risk high risk. Man of breaking you know you talked to any bull rider. And he's broken every bone in his body. No there've been many deaths deaths as well. You Know Gordon stuff like that so it comes with the territory you know and and I've never heard of anything like all you put me on a really rank bowl a scenario for breaking my spine. Just it just doesn't happen right and I kind of look at it this way you know. I got hurt the other day. You know playing hockey. Wow Stop the presses. That's the first time prime. We've ever in the history of hockey. I've heard someone getting hurt. You know I I don't like it man so the judges quote again. I want to go back to that because really it. Part of these is troubled by it because so courts have moved courts have moved from requiring evidence of intent to harm to me. That's everything thing every move that they've moved from requiring so I just moved away from requiring evidence of intent to harm to me. That's everything if you don't have evidence of intent to injure whether it's from testimony from other players on the ice or the referees or whatever then you got nothin' nothin' because there's certainly. I'm sure there's video of this thing unless it's really over the top men's league but to continue the quote now. It's like about applying applying the general rules of negligence adapting them to the context of a sport where some risk of injury is inevitable. I don't think you can. I don't think court should should be moving away from requiring evidence intent dorm when you're GonNa bury a guy for seven hundred K.. You'd better be sure telling you. What Steve There's some? Uh some sharp lawyer today sitting somewhere hearing this story and putting out an ad you see most of the in the states of and they're putting not an ad going if you've ever been injured in hockey. Okay called Bernie Horowitz. Today we're going to start a class action right. You know. If if you've ever been injured this just came out today. And I'd love to hear your story. This thing is going to be the crush crush barely exports you know like here's another quote from the judge. A person injured during a hockey game does not need to prove either an intent to injure or reckless this disregard the injured player must simply show that the injury was caused by conduct that fell outside of what was a reasonable competitor. Would expect in the circumstances like Steve. How about this? How about this? If that's the case. So this'll be landmark. Okay and and I think they're going to have to appeal this thing right. Someone's GonNa have to step in and say wait a minute. You can't do this right. You know you but I don't know who would. Who would do that? What body of people really look at single? This is going to harm me if I mean what what happens with this extending into the NHL. One hundred percent is there's other's malice there's intent to injure all the time yeah for Tuesday and Marty mcsorley rate of the ones. I can remember right where they ended up in court right with with it but man. I'll be really curious to see what happens over time with this thing and who's paying the WHO's paying the bill you know is. Is it someone someone like. If you're going to look at at being compensated Steve for injury to you any smart lawyers GonNa say well well well. How are we going to get compensated here? You know. And they're going to look at it and there's nothing in place here for you to get any money assuming you know. Oh it is a multimillionaire. Right yeah who who cross check you that might be a little. Someone might be licking their chops going. This guy's lowly it's go for some dope but but most who who pays that seven hundred. I mean that's a whole other question. But more importantly this crazy it crazy landmark in my mind. Yeah this so mcisaac lawyers by a name and you what before I read this. I would almost guarantee that. There's somebody listening right now. DOC plays in that league or even witnessed it bikini hear from them you know. I'm just they must have called witnesses. They must have one hundred percent But Anyway mcisaac lawyer Patrick McCann said the decision could have a major effect on the way hockey is played like we just talked about. If I were advising my son to play hockey I I would say stay away. All kinds of stuff can happen even playing Shinni on an outdoor rink stuff like this can happen and the problem is when you start getting the law involved often these kinds of things it really does create a very chilling effect for people. Play the game of hockey the crazy I could see one thing. That's going to happen. That every game game has to be videoed. There's going to be part of the law. Great you're going to. You're going to have to set up a camera somewhere that covers the whole ice surface something some anyway. We'll have to wait and see no doubt okay. We'll call it quits right day. That's a good topic to end on any final thoughts today. James you know. What am I going to deal with? You got his number from that. Whole.

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