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Mm niro watch this guys do it yourself show mr prodi's it's really quite good do you know this is vanilla ice exactly gam hip arnn i uh let's take a couple of calls here sunday potomac falls marilyn sirius satellite go how are you doing work very well thank you i currently as i wanted to turner that's not indeed were catching every other word turn your head but the phone a little bit see if that helps okay have go ahead that sounds better go ahead i say if your meal like the people in power already know after a year of having this new administration based hills feel like they're opd breathing undercover and like what they're doing is an obvious to people now i understand that not everybody listened to uh patriot radio and mark levin and all the others what at at made i know it's stupid i i know and if you were just pay me a small state than i would go out and people were less than but anyway that you donate so i had my motherinlaw she's the best at it i love your motherinlaw okay said the point is there so a field life with every said if news that comes out like i'm listening to this stupidity right the hope more and more thing comes to light and mitch mcconnell is saying that if he gets elected he's going to be asked to resign immediately right and then this bs with oh frank incomes and they're gonna do an investigation of what i don't know it's going to go to the ethics committee investigating what i don't know i don't understand maybe mitch mcconnell can help explain it he won't come on here and do it when is their due process and when isn't there due process when are we to believe in when are we are to believe is is there disparate treatment depending on the senator whether the senators liked their dislike whether the senator is a democrat or republican whether the senator is a liberal or conservative whether the person say senator yet running for the senate and the senator mitch mcconnell has some spleen in it do and i know at one point you ones i r and did the research with the.

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