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And Jeff Sturgis clarkin. Susan Durant all the families. It was just a wonderful event in there. I look across in right? There is Tania and I hadn't seen her in a while. And I I was about save never seen you in church. But that sounds bad. Like that. I never see. You would church shit us. Okay. Already. I've already ruined mind by saying I have not been to a Catholic supply store. But that's another story. You have. It's morning. Anyway, let's have a drum roll Brian Tanya. Would you reveal who the twenty seventh annual skillman foundation float design? Contest winner is. Yes, I'm happy to the winner is Karina Wayne. A fourth grader for west of crap academy. Detroit fourth grader Carina Wayne. And that's out of hundreds and hundreds of from what I'm told very creative entries. Yeah. They're amazing entries, and it just proves that, you know, our city and our region is so talent rich are young people are smart and creative and thoughtful. And the theme of her flow designed as let's be thankful. So if nothing else, you could tell she's probably gonna church, right? You bet. This is so wonderful. I I don't know who came up with the idea. But I know this is the twenty seventh annual one where these kids do their little drawings their illustrate which have gotten more and more complicated. I as kids have and got more talented, and then to be able to see that come to life from the parade company building an actual float based on their their dream is just fascinating and wonderful. It is amazing. And if you would've thought Carina face yesterday, it was just literally heartwarming it tear jerky. She had her hands on her face the entire time. Because she just could not believe that her vision with brought to life, and it was done as you know, by the prey company. They have amazing designers, and Tony Michael and his leadership, you know, they work all through the night to get these floats done and to create a brand new flow every single year based on a and it's one of their favorites. I think because they know that they're representing a child's dream. And it was just a beautiful thing to see yesterday fourteen. It's basically a fourteen foot talk lobe with a smiling face. It children are surrounding that glow. And the great thing about it is not just only is Corrine is brought forth. She also has other children who were finalists in the competition. There pictures Iraq, the route upload so you. That's that was very nice. Yeah. At five I guess runners up that that were in the in the running if you will. And this is generally I think this is like open to from fourth graders to is it fourth to Asia. Yes in and she's a fourth grader. So she's at the entry level if you will. And she one that's that's pretty cool. Right. And so she, you know, she was really creative around it. And sometimes, you know, the most plastic concepts are the most powerful, and then sometimes, you know, the complicated as what we need to see as well. But she just presented. I think just a powerful image of kinda of of young children surrounding. I talked with her yesterday about like what was her vision? And she said that the earth is four kids and kids have to protect the earth. And that we have. Thankful for it. And we have to be thankful for everything that we have. And it's just a great spirit to be going into the Thanksgiving Day parade and in this holiday season with a great reminder. I was you took the words right out of my mouth had great reminder. Let's be thankful. Keep up. The good work Tanya Allen there at the president and CEO of the skillman foundation. You do great great work. How long have you been doing this? Well, I've been at the foundation for thirteen years and president for five. So I am grateful for the privilege to lead such an awesome organization whose mission is to basically create as many opportunities for children in Detroit as possible. I am grateful. We have someone as awesome as you doing that Tanya. Thank you so much and have a great happy thanksgiving to you. Same to you Tanya, Allen, the skillman foundation president and CEO. And they're twenty seven's annual float to skillman foundation flow design contest and Karina Wayne. The fourth grader winning it six fifty. May.

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