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Tip comes from marco serna. Marcos is a former division one athlete and professional triathlete for team usa. He's currently a senior account executive at octa his sales accomplishments range from being a two time. Eight yea- of the quarter at octa two. Sdr the year at optimize. Louis here he is sales. Emails are really boring and they're actually not personalized when you're doing cold outreach. So what is the solution. It's video prospecting. I typically use a tool called loom or there's another one called video art. It's really up to you. They do the same thing but today. I'm going to give you the video template on how to go about your personalized video. And so typically my process really aligns on four strategies. One you got to warm up the customer to you. Want to earn their trust through value. Three you will share relevant examples on how you can help that persona and then the last one will be a call to action for your product. So let me walk you through my strategy here as far as warming up the customer. What you wanna do when you record your video. Z want to screen. Share your video right. And so typically what i do is i actually start on that company's website. Why because it's a lot more tailored right. And so the first thing that a prospect will see when they open up. The email is that you've gone out shared a video and they can see the thumbnail that shows their website so automatically you increase your chances of getting your video scene which is what we want. So that's warming them up. Second is earning the prospects trust through value. So the way. I do this as i actually go to their lincoln page and i pull up relevant job openings. You know so. Say for example you know i can just use an example from from my organization at octa. I work with a lot of you know. It professionals product engineering right and so all open up a job opening. That says that they're hiring for and as vp of engineering. Or something. and then i'll call out something on that job opening so it's more relevant right and it can tie back to the you the product that i'm selling so say for example. They're hiring for someone with ten years of identity experience right with identity. I know i can tie that back to octa so just you know. Take the time to go. You know a little bit over and find those relevant key nuggets of insight. And then what i will do is all show relevant customers that work with my organizations to their industry so if they're in organizations in telehealth i will say hey we actually work with xyz as well that are in telehealth right or if you see that they have a customers page on their website you can call out the shared customers between you and their organization right so that's earned their trust through value. Once you've done that which you want to do. Is you wanna create relevant examples. so i have one slide. It's three to five problems that we saw four at our organization and how it's relevant to that persona so remember every personas different and so as you're going about this three to five problems have till wind to that persona so a director of. It is totally different than a chief product officer right so just know that. But if you have that slide up you speak their language right and then once you've done all this then you've earned the right to do a call to action of your organization. So i typically have one slide shows what we do kind of division high level and then the last you know twenty seconds. I'll share with them a quick demo on what their user experience would look like you know in the video so typically my video last between you know fifty seconds to a minute and a half depending on how relevant it is but this is personalized right. And so what are the impacts. While i would like to say it's like the holy grail of prospecting a lot of times. I'll send out just one email. And i'll get a meeting after one email right so i took the time i understood you know kind of what could be the key business impacts and how we can help and i did that all through a personalized video. Which shows kind of my personality my assignment and my ability to help them. And then therefore you will generate more pipeline right. So that's the template to building they perfect personalized video to connect with marcos on lincoln and for.

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