Special Counsel, Bob Muller, President Trump discussed on NPR Politics Podcast


Been going after the special counsel in that ten minute rant yesterday he talked about how the special counsel's office was more conflicted than anyone has ever been a more conflicted group of people than ever he's talking about that yeah but he wanted the message she's sending is he wants to undermine the credibility of the special counsel so whatever they come up with at the end of this he can tell his supporters to dismiss it fake news don't listen to him he's hopelessly corrupt and compromised and even if he never fires bob muller at least he's taking steps now to make the argument at the end of this process the bob muller has no credibility and speaking of smaller at the end of that availability is reporters are being shared out someone shouted out mr president are you are you going to fire bob muller should you fire bob muller and the answer was not conclusive why don't i just fire moment well i think it's a disgrace what's going on we'll see what happens but i i think think it's really a sad situation when you look at what happened there many people have said you should fire him again they found nothing not only not conclusive but today at the white house the press secretary sarah sanders said that the president believes he has the authority to fire bob muller power to fire special counsel robert muller for the power certainly believes he has the power to do so which came as news to me having covered this since the appointment of bob muller and having read the regulations that govern the special counsel those justice department regulations say the person in charge of bob muller is rod rosenstein rod rosenstein kim firebomb muller you can fire rod rosenstein if he won't fire bob muller or you have to repeal the special counsel regulations but the only person who can fire a bob muller is rod rosenstein and the only reason he can be fired is for good costs and according to rod rosenstein there is no such good cause and in the past the press secretary has said at other times that president trump believes he has the right to fire bob muller if he chooses maybe that's shorthand for first he would fire sessions rosenstein but the interesting thing about sarah sanders comments today is in the past she's always qualified that by saying but of course he has no.

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