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He wants a name. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. President Trump tweeting the New York Times should turn over the author of an op-ed to the government at once after the paper published a scathing piece about the president describing what they referred to as a two track presidency in which top officials are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of President Trump's agenda and his worst inclinations be saying, quote, we are disappointed, but not surprised that the paper chose to publish this pathetic, reckless and selfish op Ed this coward. Should do the right thing and resign at a law enforcement officer event sheriff's event, the president running down a long list of what he says that his administration has achieved over the past sixteen or eighteen months and also saying that the New York Times publishing an anonymous op Ed was an absolutely gutless move. Fox's John Roberts. The White House the times Twitter account indicated the author was a mad, but the paper now says the person who wrote the tweet is not aware of the writers gender senators questioning President Trump supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh for over twelve hours. Tonight, you Jersey Democrat Cory Booker asked him about his views on school diversity. You believe having a diverse student body. Is a compelling government interest. The supreme court has said so and my efforts to promote diversity, I'm very, but I know what the law is now. No law is gonna be, sir. Get on the court and have the ability to change those precedent earlier. Arizona Republican Jeff flake asked cavenaugh if there's any checks on a president who wishes to end an investigation on himself Cavanaugh said that was tested during the Nixon investigation and system held North Korean media have released a declaration from leader Kim Jong Hoon that says reaffirms his commitment to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. Fox News, fair and balanced..

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