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Why why wait until tomorrow to talk about thanksgiving food? We'll talk about it today. Sure every day Thanksgiving Day for me. So what's the weirdest side dish for thanksgiving that you've you've had garlic and and anchovies on toast? Okay. I've run it that doesn't sound very good. Is it I'm not a big anchovy fan. So I like them. Okay. But I can't remember who told me this. He said he didn't eat them too much because they look a little too, much like eyebrows. So so what other sides are you up? Well, I like to have some kind of stuffing. I don't particularly like stuffing. I'll tell you. And what I do in lieu of that is I I make a batch of rock. I always be infill. Oh, yeah. And not enough restaurants do anyway. So it's something that for most people is kind of uncommon, and what are you you counting down somebody? We're gonna go to Suzanne online one. She's gonna disagree with you. Because Suzanne claims to have the best oyster dressing. Oh, welcome to the show. Suzanne. Thank you. I need to set this guy straits who's on you need to set him straight. I am. I am. Like all the other women in my life. I'm even willing to bring you a small castle Mulder's time. Did you tell me when and where and I will do it anytime of the year because? Opinion on it. But I. Angela had the best I would love to taste yours. But my voice addressing is my mother's recipe. And she just thought that the wasters and the bride was just too bland, even with all the seasonings. So she threw in four towns Italian sausage. There you go. John, cheese and half dozen oysters. It is amazing even people who don't. A lot of my waist addressing. It. Sounds good. So far. I mean, it sounds also kind of like talion style baked oysters like you used to get at Moscow's. Why you still do get him at Moscow's or since they say it, exactly exactly. So this is on where can we pick up our containers? I will. Because that was my mom's favorite oyster dress. And my dad used to make that as well with the dirty rice, those were the two sides that we always had at thanksgiving and always very good. It's the best. It's so good. And with the Italian sausage in it. Oh my gosh. See, I'm not sure I've ever had it with the Italian sausage. But nothing is bad with a talian sauce. Right. And I just picked up my I gotta plug science meat market. I just picked up four and a half pounds. In covington. Absolutely. I just went out my first choking. Yeah. That's right. All right. Thanks so much for calling. Appreciate it. So Tom a number of people. And I was telling you off air before we started the show that the last couple of years because of the family in and out and everything else we ended up beating out for thanksgiving. Which was a nice change for once. And we didn't have all the dishes do and I'll let you know, the cleanup and everything else in there. More seemed to be more and more restaurants that are opening for thanksgiving. I'm not sure I was trying to calculate that out. And I came up this year with forty restaurants that are I know are going to be open and would be pretty good to go to. But I'm not sure if that Eve's is like either dead, even or it might even be a little lower. Right. And I I, but I don't have any comparative the data go on that. But it's certainly better than it was when I was a bachelor man and on on Thanksgiving Day. I didn't have any place to go and wind up in a hotel usually hotel restaurant. And you would you would really feel like you were a derelict almost it was only these losers that were. And it's but that's not true anymore. This plenty of restaurants open. We went to roots last year. And we must have had fourteen of us. And there were a lot of big parties there, and and my other favorite place to go as resume does. They're going to be opened this year. The old Tony Angelo's there on. In lakeview. Learn on Florida Lee. Thank you. Thank you senior moment. And what other? Feeling what senior moments saw could w. What others are you aware of that are open that are great places to try out? Well, the Roosevelt hotel in hotels in general. Yeah, they have a lot of stuff going on because that's a largely their clientele, but they have several they're going to be opened with the blue room. They're going to be there with the. Now, I'm having a senior moment on the the the the it's a fountain the fountain, right, and they're all day long in their grand ballroom. They're putting out a major buffet. And they do a lot of things right there in front of you too. So that's that's a biggie. It's a little expensive. But it certainly you're celebrating and putting something out there. So I understand that you have a special glazing that you do on hand. Yeah. And it seems to be very popular around the WWL studio. And with good reason. I if if I ever become famous for any recipe, that's the one I'm going to become famous for it's a whole to say see ham what they call their VIP ham, which is the ham that you'd get sliced ham sandwiches at home. And I I just by that completely ready to go. It's already smoke that's already been cured and coat it with this mixture of. Root beer. There's some cinnamon cinnamon sticks and and cloves not clubs of garlic, but actual close and a bunch of other spices and things I change it a little bit every year put it on the outside. It's very thick coats the outside. There's a pretty good bit of Brown sugar in there too. And then roasted in the oven at three hundred fifty degrees. It takes about three and a half hours to get ready. It comes out. It's completely black on the outside. It looks very foreboding or forbidding. And at first I thought, you know, we're going to have some trouble with this. Maybe the kids will not really want to try something that looked like that turns out that the kids are the ones that like it. The most my daughter used to almost completely denude all of the black stuff off the off the ham and eat it all and and it's it's really good. Not it's not really sweet is in the background. What you mainly get is a little bit of an aroma of smoke because the ham has got that into. No, right. But just all of the ingredients come together pretty well. If I say so myself, and it's it's been copied a lot. You mentioned the blue room you're going to be hosting something on Wednesday. The twenty eighth that's route show there. Live from the blue room for a blue from three to five followed by an eat club dinner, delicious, gourmet dining what's out about. Well, the the eat club. It's something we started back in the nineteen fifty nineteen sixty nine around that time. Now that wouldn't have that I'm way off on it. Anyway, it's been about twenty five years that we've been doing these things, and it just listeners who come and join me for dinner, and we have a set menu. And it's it's usually a pretty good deal. What the Roosevelt wanted to do was to pull us together because this radio station WWL for a million years. They broadcast from the hotel that was their home. Right. And they wanted to celebrate the fact that they're in their one hundred twenty fifth anniversary this year, and they wanted to kind of combine that with WWL, and that's what we're doing. So we're doing the dinner that's going to be live music. You can. Dance. If you want to unless you don't know how to dance which I can't help you with and it should be a pretty pretty good evening. So they can reach out to the Roosevelt New Orleans dot com. Check that out in Georgia. George French trios the one that's going to be playing that they will. Indeed, I gotta get in touch with them to find out. What my song will be look out. Well, yeah. That's that's certainly true. You your memories of the blue room? I guess similar to mine for a long time. It was one of the most elegant places to go to an City New Orleans. It certainly was I was the one of the music writers for the Figaro newspaper. I don't know if you remember them, and I was with them for a long time. And I I would go to usually the concerts that nobody else wanted to go to the rock stars. And all that I would never get to go to any of those. But they had an opening because they had a a a a night for the press every every week just about and all of these fantastic stars of really another era by that time, my favorite one was when Ella Fitzgerald, and I she and I had lunch together. And what a thrill that was. Yeah. You know, I've heard about it not seeing. A lot of my toll scoot the other day. I saw Al green there at the blue run. I could believe that after having had Louis, prima, Louis prima. Was there all the time? Yeah. Actually in a lot of fond memories of the blue room. So this'll be a great event note Wednesday November the twenty eighth. That's right. You'll do your show live from three to five and then no be dinner afterwards as well as dancing to the George. French trio check it out at the Roosevelt New Orleans dot com. When we come back not only want to.

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