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39 years. I'm Pat Lobe that's coming up next on K. What of your news Radio, But 3 50 to Shriners Hospitals for Children brings us traffic and weather on the Tuesday well more check of the roads with Brian Ramona. And we can breathe a sigh of relief. They have cleared the accident on 95 south found between common and bridge all lanes Air open once again. The delay, though, is still there between Academy and at that point, But at least you have all lanes open again. Now they gave her lay on the north bound side should go away pretty soon, too slow on the westbound divine from Broadway musical Scougall West have the university to south of the construction zone. Then delays on the scuba leased to O to to go bills and then from 4 76 down the Belmont. Heading over. The bridges shouldn't see any major delays. Right now. We do have pretty quiet roadways in New Jersey. The Norristown high speed line of asked transit issue signal problems and buses now running from Britain. Martyr 69 Street. If you have a child with an orthopedic condition go to Shriners.

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