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Good evening. Mr gilroy. How do you feel? I don't know David seem to feel worse when that specialist. Thanks to scare me to thinking. I'm falling apart, mentally and physically you have had several bad attacks lately. Here's bad as it specialists. Forget it. Yes. There was a gentleman from the insurance company called this afternoon company on insurance come don't know, sir. He said the office informed him you'd gone home for the afternoon about anyone. He wanted to tell you that is company couldn't issue that policy on your life on my life. I haven't applied for a policy. He said to tell you that one hundred thousand was large policy, and they found it necessary to check on your condition. That you were much too bad a risk because your heart condition who was this, man. Yes. He told me and he told me the name of his company, but I can't remember either. I thought you'd know about David you're an old fool. I should have got rid of you years ago salary seven hundred thousand dollars policy, and they checked on my condition. Give me that phone. Doctor this Jeffrey Gilroy, what do you mean by shooting your mouth off to other people about my so called heart condition? I told my. Ellen cutter about my condition. I've never met you about how unacceptable product my brother. I never had a brother that man was an investigator from an insurance company. Tell.

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