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A Catholic high school. I'm Elliot Francis. WMA L news at five two. Good morning everyone. I'm John Matthews. One man was killed and three others two men and a teenage boy wounded by gunfire in Germantown last night this happened shortly after nine in a townhouse development on curry powder lane. Police do not believe the shootings were a random event. Police are still looking for a suspect. They're asking people who live in that area to call police if they see any suspicious activity better. Oh, Rorick is the first democrat presidential candidate visit Virginia, but most certainly won't be the last according to political analyst Rachel bitcon Virginia off year. Elections are always seen as a bellwether for the next year's presidential election. So there's a symbolic value for national Democrats to come in former Texas congressman visited the Hampton roads area in several stops yesterday. He'll be in northern Virginia today with stops in Fredericksburg Dumfries in Alexandria. Or visit comes as the state's leading Democrats struggle to regain their footing with Motors. Governor off northern attorney general Mark herring. Have added little money to their war chest, according to first quarter fundraising reports Lieutenant governor Justin in Fairfax, raise nothing at all. However, their scandals have not impacted state delegates running for office, this fall Democrats outraged Republicans in both house and Senate races. Twenty people have been indicted in smuggling ring, that's neat drugs. Cellphones tobacco and USB drives into the Maryland prison and Jessop. The ring involved corrections officers accepting bribes, kickbacks and sex to get the booty to inmate who had been sell the contraband to other prisoners there. Corrections employees smuggled the goods in their hair underwear inside their bodies and left it at drop points inside the prison. Prosecutors say the ring dated back to two thousand fourteen checking your money the Dow opens twenty six four fifty three the NASDAQ at eight thousand even in sports. The nets fall under five hundred with seven three loss to the giants. The Orioles lose to the raise NHL pair of sweets in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The. The islanders over the dreaded penguins. Columbus over Tampa Bay WMA L news time five oh. Four up next, traffic and weather then mornings on the mall on one. Oh, five point nine FM and AM six thirty AM.

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