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And the jury now has the case and is weighing the fate of the three men accused of murdering ahmaud Arbery You the jury must determine whether the state has proven the guilt of each defendant beyond a reasonable doubt as to each count Derek Dennis is in Brunswick Georgia watching it all for ABC News and he spoke with como's Bill O'Neil Derek took 13 days for us to get to this point prosecutors getting the final word this morning Absolutely done Basically laying out the main point of her defense that being or her prosecution I should say that being that the defendant Travis and Gregory mcmichael along with William roddy Bryan instigated this whole thing And if not for them we may not be here at this trial ahmaud Arbery might still be alive She also pointed out the fact that they were in fear of a monarchy Didn't make sense because he was running away He was jogging through the neighborhood and then after being pursued by them he was running away from them And so she discredited that claim that testimony from the defendants as well What did the judge have to say to the jury before sending them off to deliberate Well he charged them with very detailed instructions They were pretty clear that it was up to them to weigh the evidence to talk amongst themselves really have a spirited debate about the facts of the case the evidence involved and then to be truth seekers Facts finders in the case So he really gave them that charge And he also added some extra charges lesser charges that they could consider against the neighbor William Ronnie Bryan considering him potentially less liable than the other two the father and son Travis and Gregory mcmichaels So the jury can consider lesser charges against the neighbor but for now they're all facing equal charges of felony murder malice murder those are the most serious charges which could get them life in prison As we wait for the verdict Derek what can you tell us first hand about that mood in the Brunswick area It's very somber actually This is a quiet coastal community on the coast of Georgia really sandwiched between Savannah Georgia and Jacksonville Florida about an hour from each north and south And so it's not a big urban center There's a lot of land separating these communities And so we haven't seen a big contingent of activists or protesters It's been really a small group of new Black Panther Party activists who've been here support house every day They've been peaceful They've been chanting ahmaud Arbery's name So much so that the judge earlier asked that the jury will be moved to an interior part of the courthouse that they would be able to hear the tanning from outside But other than that a very quiet theme here as everyone really awaits this verdict ABC's Derek Dennis with us from Brunswick Georgia on the Komodo line That's como's Bill O'Neill This year's Thanksgiving won't be immune to the supply chain issues roiling the nation for the Turkey supply is strong Mike bower has the.

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