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Twitter. People sick of it. City's leaders talking him 11 31 of 35 final segment Every Monday edition of Justice and Drew 6519895855 since they started you bought there that are like looking for the looking for the hot tweet like I wanna I Wanna I Wanna, and I've done it. I've done it. I'm not gonna lie. I have composed a tweet before it hits said and thought. Ooh, that was a good one has of the ones that never land was good. Ellen's gonna get gonna get up and then I got an hour later like nobody cared. You're like this is it? This is gonna make me go viral, the pinnacle of my success. Yeah, but you could tell when there are people out there that are like actively trying. You know to to to compose that perfect tweet that everybody is gonna like, And it's going to get retweeted a zillion times. And it's going to go viral this stop. Just stop you being You're being awfully cringe. E My favorite here on Justice Andrew Twin Cities, news talk, and I only say this because I know that you know. But my favorite now is because Jake Tapper, did he respond to your weed retweet you at one point, Jake Tapper. He didn't remember. Right, Retweeted. I think you re tweeted you, but I know that now because now drew well likes to go and poke at him. You go and poke at it, because you know that he at least at one point read one of your tweets, Right? Just like you know, he's got your attention down. Likes to go poking Jake Tapper is Big River may hurt me preacher brings him re tweeted. You know, I wanted I got something to say to you brings a smile smiled in my face. All right, A couple of a couple of things here real quick. And then we've got toe, Is it It is Martin Luther King Day. S so we have We have some fun ones before we get to what Sam learned first off, though, Leave it to Bill Maher, Man. I disagree with most of what Mark has to say, but at least he's not always a hypocrite, and he tries to be rational. Give that much. He's a He's a very opinionated guy. In a lot of times, you share his opinions that I completely disagree with. But he seems to at least know that it's a bad thing to be a hypocrite, you know? And and so he you know, came out recently seeking to bridge from Newsmax seeking to bridge the vitriolic American political divide, and one of you trying to do that, He just simply said. It is possible to hate President Donald Trump and condemned the Capitol building rioters but still treat those backing the president with respect. Yeah, they didn't need Mara to say it, but at least there's some, you know some liberal out there that's willing to go and speak the truth on that particular matter. He's 100% right, of course, and I would hope that you know some of our more vociferous critics out there would would would would take a minute teeth ink about It was a good line. I mean, let's not confuse 5000 people with 74,000,007. 24 million people voted for Donald Trump. Do you really think There are 74 million, you know, irredeemable racist white supremacists to want to overthrow the government because if there were, it probably would have been done by now, Right? That's a lot of people. And there's another angle to look at January 6, too, by the way, if this really was the president's urging. As people want to say if he really did planet He didn't do a very good job, right? I know that was only a fraction of the number of people that were in that were in D. C that day who took part in what happened at the capital. We believe you may if Trump had that much power and actually planned all of that and all those people I mean, it would have burned the Capitol of the ground. I mean, you want to talk about a hostile takeover they wanted absolutely, but that that didn't happen. It was a handful of people, and I don't even agree with the individuals that got up on the I mean, you were allowed to don't misunderstand that area around the capital is public space, right? I mean, they knew salmon on whether we walked right up that white into the front. There's parts of it. You could actually walk into it. I don't even agree with the people The moment that there was pushback against law enforcement people trying to get in. I don't agree with any of the trump supporters that just stayed outside Eve in the area. That were me. I would have bolted. I don't wanna be any part of this. But make no mistake this idea that it was planned. You're full of it. If it was planned in Trump had so many supporters, they were all on board with this. That would have been. I mean, you probably would have had something along the lines of a 9 11 or Pearl Harbor. But you didn't you had. I don't even know what the number was of people that went in there. A couple 100 100? Yeah, it wasn't. It wasn't a big number of people break and it wasn't with the intent of Overthrowing the government, which is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. Did they really do? You really believe that you would like what was their plan? Please articulate to me how you think they were going to overthrow the government? What was what was? How do you think they were going to do that? You know, I'd love to hear what this big scheme was. We're gonna go in there and then we're gonna Stand in the congress. I'm gonna get up some e don't know what to do from there. I'm sorry. Get six selfie if you Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, because that's what happens when people want to go on over. They get they take Selfies and they smile. They will get me upset Pelosi's chair. It really tells you how ignorant The individuals are that say it was planned or they were trying to overthrow the government. It's like, stop watching game of Thrones, man, right? You don't end up just at the that's the highest point inside of Congress and be like, Yeah, this is mine. Now that I have usurped your podium, Madam Speaker. I'm the speaker Now. Trust supporters. Come take your seat to me. So now start crafting law. You think? I don't know any of this word? Is that you? If you just if you're in the chair, I was going to start following their command. I now have power. It's just well, You know what? They're all in there. Now I am the commander in chief. Now they have filled up all the seats of Congress. And now they're enacting laws and they're having you know. Oh, look at the shaman, The Jew Baka Shaman guys..

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