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In nineteen fifty two he merry Marbella her they lived on the family farm for a couple of years before by decided to answer his ambitions and run for Indiana legislature he was elected to the house of representatives in nineteen fifty four and soon became the youngest speaker of the house in state history five a white man from a state that was once the center of the Ku Klux Klan congressman Andre Carson all the screaming nation in the halls of Congress with every fiber of his being in nineteen fifty five the murder of Emmett till a fourteen year old black kid from Chicago who was visiting relatives in Mississippi caught the attention of the whole country mall there she allow jet magazine to take pictures of so jet magazine a prominent magazines actually an American community take pictures of chilled body ball state history professor Max filter can to work out for this kind of moment becomes a national moment in which kill brutalized and beaten body is exposed to the nation you know through this funeral where he is he's not covered up he's you know expose in all the brutality into which is in the nation couldn't really and white in the north and like to cross the nation could not that you know we're confronted with the little hacks of Lynch's for vice civil rights would become a priority has he moved from state to national office in nineteen fifty five the buys had a son who would one day be governor of Indiana and also serve in the U. S. Senate died mark my father I admired his idealism his devotion to try to make the world a better place first and foremost you have my father me come to mind my ball games he was active in when I was in scouting you can you know be involved my scout troop and I can thanks so my ever lasting member of my father was a man being my dad seven by says the political issues of the day we're discussed at the dinner table unavoidable during the turbulent decade in which merch by.

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