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In the NHL as a 27 year old has agreed to an 8 year 101 $8 million contract. The average annual value of $12.6 million is a $100,000 more than the previous highest paid player Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers and Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports update. Markets, headlines and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app. And at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Hi everybody, I'm Brian Curtis in the Bloomberg interactive broker studio in Hong Kong looking at stocks turned lower here in the Asia Pacific, the nikkei down 1%, the ASX 200 down 1.1%, the cost be faring a little bit better down about four tenths of 1%. Japan is said to be ready to intervene in currency markets at any time, the former ministry of finance currency chief tatsuo yamazaki says Japan doesn't need to wait for a green light from the U.S. to support the end. He says authorities could take action any time after doing those checks last week, all the end here, one 43 52, the Euro below parity with the dollar 99.70 U.S. cents earlier the dollar rose 0.4% against peers. Treasury yields hitting new decade highs traders racing for a hawkish commentary from the fed as well as a hawkish move in rates of 75 basis points. And reminding everyone of the global nature of all of this, the reeks bank in Sweden raised its key rate by 100 basis points. And adding a little flair to all of this, economist nouriel roubini sees a long and ugly recession in the U.S. and global economies coming. He sees a sharp correction in the S&P 500, perhaps down 40% from peaks, basically saying normally you get a 30% in a bog standard recession, and in heart landing one like this one, you'd get around 40%. And that is check the markets. 90 minutes past the hour headline news with Doug prisoner in New York, Doug. Hey, Brian, in the U.S., a federal grand jury has indicted 47 people on charges of running a fraud scheme against

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