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K Leigh Matthews. With Beth Myers in the newsroom Beth, I'm not sure I like this new car tag rule. Well, it takes backed really. So until I I I'm Beth Myers, and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie, okay news center, and it is a big change. It's about to happen in the way that the state of Oklahoma registers vehicles. Paula Ross at the state tax commission says, if you sell your vehicle you will keep the license plate. Your car, and your car goes up in the tax states on now you will take that tag with you. So as we kid going to be your longest lasting relationship. So basically, your car tag is registered to you. Instead of to your vehicle. New law goes into effect, July, first drivers will also be required to keep their annual tag. Renewal certificate in there being a goal at all times to show that the vehicle is registered to you raw says the change will help law enforcement track. The current owner of a vehicle, and also at should cut down on past owners getting tickets turnpike fines on vehicles. They no longer own a drunk and belligerent passenger forced the pilot of an American Airlines plane travelling from Pittsburgh to Dallas to make an emergency landing in Oklahoma City. It was Sunday night. Thirty two year old Brandon Guinness was being so aggressive that other passengers actually stepped in and tied his hands together, using zip tie and duct tape. He was. Eventually escorted off the plane by Oklahoma City. Police a Reuters report as shedding new light on housing problems at Tinker Air Force base. The report says a manager about four bady tinkers, private housing landlord falsified maintenance records for years. So the company wouldn't be penalized. The report says employees were told to Bhaktapur backdate paperwork and close out. Unfinished work orders to make it appeared that the repairs were being addressed right away. But in actuality repairs took weeks to complete now, tinker officials did announced last month that changes were being made, and that all homes on base would be safe, a member of the Muskogee creek nation is the first Oklahoma. And first native American to be named u s poet laureate. Joy Harjo lives in Tulsa, she's also a writer and musician the highway patrol says there was an odor of alcohol at the scene of a crash on US highway seventy seven slaughter Bill on Monday of fifty. Five year old Lexington man drove his car off the highway, and he hit a big dump trailer. He drove underneath, it actually was pinned and died at the scene. His name has not been released until relatives are notified and about eighty six hundred genie customers in south central Oklahoma are still without.

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