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That's one that's difficult for me. And you're not alone. It is for me as well. I teach a lot about prioritizing and procrastination when I do when I speak for companies on time management. But really it just boils down to figuring out. What are the most important things in your life things that, you know, related to family career in your health and all the spokes of the wheel, and then, you know, prioritizing just means putting them in the schedule long before you put in checking, Email and and everything else. So we deprioritize prioritizing. Yeah. Right. Perfect going let that one down AVI Friedman says I started eating every two to three hours a low glycemic meal I stopped eating at night. And I start sort of meditating at times, and I try to walk daily. That's a great example of. So what's doing it for her eating every two to three hours a logo icy mcmeel, and I'm on the side where I've adopted and intermittent fasting diet. That's my daily diet. I don't eat until lunch today. I didn't eat till I had some nuts about thirty minutes ago. It's all I've had so far. I'll have a good meal. But again, there you go find out what does I would encourage everybody to take something due for a week due for two weeks and see what fits you on the intermittent fasting. She does say she stopped eating at night. I don't know if that she means snack in there. But from an intermittent fasting standpoint, it's really research shows is more beneficial to eat breakfast, and then lunch and skip dinner. I it makes sense. I would agree with that. It doesn't fit my lifestyle. I have a big family and at night, I cook for them. And that's when we come together. And so I don't do that. So again, we're looking at what fits you physically emotionally. But also just circumstantially but figure out what does it for you? And so far, AVI likes the two to three hours eating a meal and work for great great, Jim Smith. Here says nutrition supplements and exercise Tony Cooper says resting when needed and saying, no. Two things that will add a ton of stress to my life. Michelle. I know you well enough to know your calendar stays full opportunities. Stay full. And I bet you have a big priority or a need to say no to a lot. I do we all do this is where this is something that I had to learn the hard way because I spent most of my life being a people pleaser. What does that mean? People pleasing means. You just say, yes. Yes. Yes. To everything. But what happens is you jeopardize your time, your energy, and the things that matter most to you. So I had learned to say no by setting boundaries. And it's so not easy to do. But it is life saving when you say. Now, I have another commitment at that time or I'm not able to I would love to. But thank you. But no, I'm not I'm not able to commit at this time is so freeing. That's we talk about boundaries is difficult. I'm still I feel like a baby and trying to walk that out mine generally end up around social engagements. My wife is the socialite. I am not and it feels bad to put boundaries journals. Sometimes it is bad. She doesn't thrill her that. I don't wanna do X Y Z. And so we just have to grapple with that. And I don't want to grab on the people pleaser just like you. Dan here says when I was purposely energy came from personally getting at regularly seven hours of sleep each night starting.

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