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Back to back right this call was toppers player of the year all American so he's a god is everywhere play last night walk to the airport your TD this is all over the place for me the guys are gone he is loves here in Memphis but the only thing he has not been able to do at least very often is coaching or playing careers beat Cincinnati he was one in six as a player he is all into so far as a head coach we'll see if John Brannen can continue that trend tonight as they meet for the first time this year Cincinnati swept the Memphis last year in two close games winning here at the FedExForum by five and then winning a fifth third arena fight to I just love when we come out the black about wearing a black it's intimidating as physical you know not a lot of chef pumping in and all that but it's sort of like a heavyweight fight with the the the fighters are walking around in a ring in forty two MM about please look at the status of allegations trying to stay focused cancel look like they're ready for the Bearcats to wearing black Memphis is wearing white and it appears that virtually every fan is wearing blue you got the eighty money if we the call so America will see this rivalry E. S. P. N. one the lack of a better term began filming on the play by play J. bill is doing the color commentary so great exposure for the conference tonight Terry Oglesby set to toss the ball in the air Chris vote jumped for Cincinnati six foot nine inch precious a Cuba for Memphis the ball is tossed in the air is tipped backward by Chris both and the cats have the ball to begin the game tonight here at the FedExForum Mike Adams would struggling just past center court Alex Lowe Max defense now Kobylin outside the arc right passes right under the basket put both his shot was blocked by a queue up gets his own rebound but he took a little shot this that he got called for travel only missile he scored maybe even dunks the basketball tries to put it up he's not fast enough with the quicker chilla Memphis averaging about seven blocked shots per game number two in the conference behind Yukon court pressure by the catches Memphis does it into low maxi dribbles up the floor he's a little bulldog of a point guard muscle bound he will drive it right down your throat if he can Dandridge has a top of the key is past toward the wing deflected off of him Yanis and out of bounds good defense by Keith Williams got the passing lane the average shorts again small shorts should we come in on Lester can young this is short shorts yes uncomfortably short like a basketball speedo well now Cincinnati turns it over to pass from Mike Adams with the gerund Cumberland ricocheted off him into the back court bring over back violation and Jerry get mad at my calves would enable gerunds turned over the ball went through his hands and he gets mad at Michael because he said he threw a told to call somatic Portland can Yanis inbounds from right in front of our broadcast location throws it in for Lomax who gives it back to can you notice jab step against Pete Williams now throws it to the low block a cue I trying to back down Trayvon Scott goes to a left handed shot the short entry has his first rebound of the night outlets for Mike Adams would you crosses the time line on the dribble passes on the right wing for Cumberland chair doubles to the topic he stops at the free throw line passes for Scott dumps it down low for both his pass was intercepted by Dandridge Memphis into the frontcourt Lomax to the wing and Jeffrey silajdzic three point shot and it's good one gamble in the back let's do another Campbell and have to wind up with three three nothing Memphis DJ Jeffries of forty percent three point shooter Cumberland hits a cutting trade Bon Scott takes it to the whole mess the shot gets his own rebound and now has the ball taken right out of his hands by DJ Jeffries Jeffries knocked it out of bounds trees.

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