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We're back at the raising fifty to do here on Monday. And this is always now with Pegasus. This is always a kind of an odd week because there's so many big racist talk about, but the eclipse awards, of course, we're on Thursday. So you wanna weave those in, and that's what we'll do each day this week, and the the first conversation I wanted to have was with western Hamilton because aside from aside from Arado teases daughter, I thought the most and also Joe Harper certainly west than Hamilton's win in the apprentice rider category was really a highlight. And everything that has happened to western Hamilton has really been pretty magical since breaking in in December of seventeen and having a absolutely perfect apprentice year that. Ends up rewarding him with the eclipse that I know it meant a lot to him from things that he had to say going in and it's a pleasure to welcome. And congratulations west than on the apprentice eclipse. Appreciate it. You know this. This is so much fun, and you know, for for your family and for for gory Smith, the he's brother down at Alary who we talked to late last year too. And your name came up. All the great writers that the that gory is as sent on their way. And you know, particularly your dad being able to ride and help you along. I just I think it's just wonderful. And I wanted everybody to hear from you today. Thank you. Talk about the patient of Thursday night. And you know, what what it was like being in that room? The it was. It was on explainable, boss. It was a great feeling. I had so many people there support me and have twenty people people Oklahoma families. My mom and dad couldn't make it. But he was watching it and created the whole ceremony. So. I definitely knew I had a lot of people pulling for me. And I was just really nervous. They came out with the little video, and it was showing in the wins and money earned. Egger morales. And and Ray Lou. I didn't know exactly where I was standing. I'm hundred percent where I was standing in the statistics. But I had heard a few things from different people. And and I checked it once or twice, but I didn't know exactly when everybody wants the bug and what they had. So I was never going into bit. And then when they came up with. I was winning by wins. And I was second earnings and heart this kind of sank Lou. I was going to beat me of when they called my name. It was just it was the best feeling in the world. It took everything that. Keep it together loss. In the speech. You were tremendous, and, you know, the growing up in the circumstance you did. And and knowing at what point that you wanted to ride professionally. I mean when how quickly growing up did you make that decision? I always had it in my mind that I wanted to ride. Mentioned it in my dad or anybody until really late. I guess I had ridden horses before when I was little, and I had just just trail Rodman Rodman, western saddles and stuff like that. But I I had never been in like race tack or anything anything like that. So it was definitely a new and learning experience when I first first started. But it was probably I was. Probably a couple of months out from graduating from graduating high school when I went up mentioned to my dad, I was gonna play congress across had a half scholarship to go play the coast, and Kansas and. So it was a big move to to not go to college..

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