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Wwl. Wbz Sports Talk. Arnelle carriers for Scott presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. I'm Lance McAlister tomorrow night. Is that premiere of the movie chance at Amelia. Starlight drive in. It's a locally produced and Phil Movie About Baseball and teenage relationships and the effects of teen suicide. It's based on the true story of chance Smith who played for Flash Baseball in Brown County The film was to open in thirty nine theaters in April. But the pandemic forced a change in plans showtime tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday is eight. Forty five our next guest stars as the Youth Baseball Coach in the film. He's played roles in full metal jacket. Stranger things Weeds Birdie any given Sunday. I'm a huge fan of his nineteen eighty-five movie vision quest and his role as High School Wrestler. Louden swain. It is an honor to welcome in Matthew Modine Matthew Lance McAlister. Welcome to sportstalk. Thank you so much for having me on. Search pleasure to be here. How did you become involved in a project like this? Well my daily who runs that flash baseball is white is really good taste. And she suggested he hired me moving and I read the script and and it was just so terrific. I love baseball and and so really. That's all they had to say the first couple of pages was that it that it was about baseball and I was. I was pretty much in Could kick give me an opportunity to put put on Baseball uniform and go and spend some quality time with with young athletes Who who always teach me about life? It is a Boy It's a. It's a powerful story. Powerful message isn't it? It really is and just say it's based on a true story about a young chance. They grew up there and and and I I don't know how. How put it in words? You know that you and I did grow up in a time of texting. And it's one thing for you to say that somebody or you're an idiot and I'm gonNA I'm GonNa kick your butt after school or something but with texting when you when you put it in writing and send it to. Somebody'S PHONE. It has a different impact than than than if If you say you know what I mean you've actually put it in writing and you send it to your personal device your phone and and it it. It carries a greater weight than than the words used to when we were in school. So Teen teen suicide is is a real problem and and We all have to do what we can to try to provide opportunity and and resources for young people who find who don't have somebody that can speak to them and help them through a dark period. Matthew how much time did you spend here shooting the film. I feel like I was. I was there for a couple of months but I think it was. It was probably the only about six weeks of you. Know a little bit of pre-production you know getting there and getting to know the kid and and kind of you know what I call get in baseball shape Getting to know Mike Daily and and his family and his son wrote the screenplay and His wife is in. The film does a wonderful job in the film and You know I I like to get there early and kind of soak it up a little bit. You know to for those who haven't seen the trailer. You play the role of chances coach. You alluded to baseball. Are you a big baseball guy? I am I'm a New York Yankees Fan which will probably make a lot of your local. They're upset but Yeah Yankees Fan and and I. I GREW UP IN UTAH. We didn't have a professional baseball teams. So I had to pick a team and I think the Yankees when I lived in Utah and we moved to San Diego when I was in junior high school and I kind of became a padre fan they had some good ballplayers then and But Yeah I'm I'm a Yankees.

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