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The formula i live by and whether it be a rental or a rehab property it's the same formula sometimes on a rental that has already rent ready that has a in it i do a rv times eighty percent minus the rest now value we all know that there are track homes and there are custom homes track homes means that it's the same cookie cutter product put out by been tax dr horton you know the big big builders so you have to in a custom home is like one builder went in and built it had a plan and every house is a little bit different well mall builders you can't cross over to a custom home to attract home you can't cross over lines where the age when i'm looking at cops they must be number one square footage i do square footage a hundred and fifty either way so if it's a two thousand square foot house twenty one fifty down to eighteen fifty is what i look for age i'm i'm in a five year age five years five years down as you can tell making sure that you have the right cops making sure that you're evaluating properties correctly is a huge part of the game huge part of the game if you're not doing that then you know what you will get burned in one of the hottest real estate markets right now it's happening locally in atlanta locally wherever you are i'm sure you've noticed the real estate market is hot in you what happens if it's too hot people end up getting third degree burns you.

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