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I just don't like the receivers at all. I think that they might just have the worse receiving corpse in the league. Allen Hearns there. He's been number two is entire career. Terrance Williams has been a number two who I mean his job, which is the opposite of Dez Bryant. Kobe is a good slot receiver. I like you. But on that, I mean, you got Michael Gallup, they drafted. He's been so so so far take on Austin. I mean, come on now. We know take on Austin is stalking. Tater league gave up the perfect Paris, and he's just a. Less talented person Harv, and that's it was actually a good football player on Austin. He's just athlete. But I mean, we're not Dallas. I think honesty is right now I have as the fourth best team in their division, which means not the worst team in the division, and it's not necessarily like, I think the Cowboys are bad. I just don't like what they got. Schedule plenty times. I mean, it's not easy at all. You play Philly twice the Redskins earning player division twice. They're all good teams play the falcons in Atlanta. You gotta play the Jaguars play in Houston. At Carolina week one. That's a tough one right there. Dallas team. I, I like the linebackers defensive line. Randy Gregory and Marcus Lawrence were causing havoc and that preseason game the friends of mine the linebackers. I like Sean Lee stays healthy. They'll be fun running back one of the best situations in the leak. Offense of line starting to scare me because guys can't stay healthy quarterback as good as. Running back is I guess. And even then so that Prescott I think is Alex Smith two point. Oh, and like I said, you know, high feel about the receivers. So going into the season, I'm not really sure what to think of Dallas. I can see them winning anywhere from like seventy nine games this season. And even then it'd be tough. Let's see. Who else is impressive far..

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