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End up in playoff they always end up in the with the little tap in versus back in it good bad sound they'll take the 20footer we'll sweat it out a little bit we don't watch any of the tournament until sunday the very last shot that's all we need we bet under three and a half i love it puts out this fisher theory on rooting against fun yes that's exactly right it's fun to watch the guy make the twenty five foot or to quench the bastards but yeah we're really for it to almost make he's going to be celebrating in two minutes from them anyway what's the difference yeah let's bet on there i like it real quick real quick house talk me out of matsuyama thirty five to one hasn't been playing great plus to a couple of weeks ago has risk problems but if he shows up thirty five to one for guy who finished his top twenty every man every every major not bad right he's no tom fleetwood thirty i have to tell you i have a personal problem with with the decky oh really had two thousand seventeen pga championship in his back go here cost us money he costs us money yeah people log lists he feelings he opened a giant door for justin thomas to tadesse through it was hit decades tournament to win i'm still not over those hurt feelings and i don't ever like a guy who's has risk problems i i wanna know i wanna see him go do something like a top five in this tournament to be convinced that those risk problems are in the rear view mirror.

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