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Don't have to get killed because I've done it and experience all those things for them. These young guys going outside and making split second decisions just like in the rain, a punch of comments and you have to move out The way Buck sing of Negativity is located in the Lawndale neighborhood. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is the most valuable player of Super Bowl 55 met. Mette Hansen has more The 43 year old threw three touchdown passes, including Toots of former Patriots teammate Rob Gronkowski in a 31 to 9 win over the Chiefs in Tampa. It's the seventh career championship for Brady and his fifth career Super Bowl. M V P honor both records, Brady said after the game. He's definitely coming back next season. I'm at Madison. WGN Sports The Blackhawks visit The Dallas Stars tomorrow. The pre game with Chris Boden at seven. The face of about 7 30 with John White Hymen and Troy Murray on 7 20, WGN and WGN radio dot com. The Hawks beat Dallas yesterday 2 to 1. Forecast not from the WGN Chicago Weather Center Here's meteorologist Mike Jansen. We start the work week with a lot of cloud cover in an increasing potential for light snow. In fact, it's likely on a Monday afternoon with her highs in the mid teens. No still likely here Monday evening, tapering overnight. It's like total snow accumulations between 1 to 3 inches of possible Hello Monday night, down to around seven partly sunny on Tuesday with highs in the mid teens from the WGN Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Mike Chanson. And it is your degrees at O'Hare that is negative. 10 with the windshields figured in one degree at Midway or negative, 12. If you're going outside, it is negative one in Bartlett, one degree in Joliet. And I'm James Series on Chicago's very own 7 20, WGN direct from the edge of a lunatic fringe. It's the Rollie James Show..

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