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Washington doesn't do anything. So patrick drive near midfield and brady gets picked off yet again. Start the fourth quarter. And that's kind of like that was probably the turning point where like the pages had been driving and they were getting some momentum in that just fucking killed it at this point washington's like running the clock which is stupid. It's like five minutes left. They had the ball and they could have just like you know. Put the former offense and put salt of the game away. But the redskins the redskins three dollars. It back then played prevent free minutes left. Let's go into our prevent defense. Yeah and so they immediately to prevent and brazier starts slinging go. No hannele any finally scores. Down to larry centers. Just like just before the two minute warning. So now it's closed now. It's seventeen twenty. This has got to be senators. Only gosh catch with the patriots. Honestly forgot he's even on this team or the future game because they didn't have anybody else because antwan smith is the wheels of fallen off that train. He doesn't play more because he had a pretty dirty hit to faulk was faulk was done too. Yeah is is. The only played one year new england. That was only touchdown. Catch what he had twenty eight his career. Yeah yeah he didn't doesn't he. Or at the time he held the record for like catches receiving or something as a running back because we saw him six thousand receiving yards over his career. Pretty eight nine years like as a fullback is not probably his fullback. Most receiving yards for fullback. Not six thousand. Sixty eight hundred your. He said a thousand yards one year in arizona at one hundred one catches like that's crazy. That's nuts like this fullback running back and fullback heath not fullback as. I'm pretty sure he was You that's what he was listening. I never played the. He's like a third down fullback. Six foot two twenty five so he's can take boy. Big was kevin faulk or antoine. Spirit smith for them. they're about the same size. maybe bigger. Why don't you just let us. Abbas when andy greg is a fullback. You can have it on the up into the best. Pass catching fullback in the history of the patriots. Anton smith listed as running back six to two thirty two so he's bigger. He's taller two inches and six pounds is definitely lower. Bmi okay good. That's a lot of bmi research last week to god. Oh speaking of which you got you want to circle back to something because you forgot to bring it up last week and you told me to remind you. I'm guessing you for the teenage slang what i forgot. We'll come back to. I mean find where it was. That's they all. Just finish this game real quick because yeah we'll go so what steve was saying. Let me let me take us through here because if anyone knows redskins it's me okay. And like they could only not be the redskins for so long. You know true gets back. After we score the touchdown we line up the kicking kicking deep when there's nobody her of course you know one guy back there just in case there's no one there it goes. They still get it on their twenty or so then. They have an intentional grounding penalty which isn't called project so they so they. They dodged a bullet with intentional grounding. That's not called. Then they fall start and so on back five yard so yeah whatever you kind of third down right. Yeah yeah and they all start again so now they're back ten yards so it's pretty much like he did have the intentional grounding anyways and then they miss that are they have sixteen..

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