Suntrust Bank, Spark, President Trump discussed on Brian Kilmeade


Forty three degrees in Orlando continuing our team coverage day thirty five the shutdown, but could there be at least a temporary end in sight. Reporter Mary Bruce in Washington this morning on Capitol Hill possible compromise is in the works. And the president says he could be on board if they come to a reasonable agreement. I went supported President Trump telling our Jonathan Karl he's open to a deal to temporarily reopened the government. The man accused of gunning down five women in a Florida. Bank appearing in court yesterday. Zaphon Xaver has been charged with five counts of premeditated murder for killing four employees and one customer at the SunTrust Bank. In see bring police say the shooting was random and zebra had no connection to the Bank or the victims. Now, seventy five zero Victor sparks says he came close to being a sixth victim sparks says he came up to the door. The Bank had saw the gunman standing over the victims lying on the ground. You step back and called nine one one four or five. I saw laying facing away from me. On their stomachs and. Walking back and forth between me and them. Spark says he knew one of the victims Mirasol Lopez new from overnight Orange County deputies investigating after finding a man shot to death in the doorway of a home. This all happening on vonda Rae road near econ trail. The sheriff's office tells us when they showed up to the home last night, they found that Fifty-three-year-old victim shot dead and the homeowner inside with serious head injuries. He was taken to a room see now so far deputies have not said what the relationship is between these two men or the motive behind the shooting. But we'll keep you updated. When we learn more. Samantha Jordan, news, ninety six point five WDBO and asylum seekers in Mexico may have to start waiting south of the border while their immigration claims process. The department of homeland security saying yesterday that the US immigration officials will begin to implement the so-called remain in Mexico policy as soon as today, it's nine three here at news ninety six point five WDBO, my kids love to.

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