Amazon, Murray, JR discussed on Rooster Teeth Podcast - Solid but Not Hard - #435


Right yeah tyler you've never use a sex toy on somebody general have you ever purchase a sex toy okay yeah it'll fair typical sit there actually you can amazon primum he really he bought plugs that look like octopus by oh yeah or the but plugs that have the tail at the end of it so you could little details yeah they're called massage things instead on on amazon they can actually call them dildos or anything like that or vibrators because it's can't be a sex toy but it is i didn't know about this tale think oh yeah there's a whole separate it just on you can be a rabbit yet fox but it's in your but but you have a tale on issues like lenin your but never actually it's it's it yeah i can i get the lousy it's really classy like as i've always wanted like a monkey tale no yeah if i put something in my but it would probably be a a tale murray that makes in his okay what all gere laura it for jr was on a rt podcast an extra rt podcast were so figuring it out so hopefully the rest of the shows are nothing like this yeah there are no rule so we'll just flagging i dunno we'll try some shed some shit will work some all six people on the set did not work so thank you to adam co vicky stop by gus sorolla thank you patrick.

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